Jojoba Oil

A versatile plant-derived oil: Jojoba Oil

Plant-derived oils have been commonly used in cosmetics, and Jojoba oil is one of the most famous ones out there.

Jojoba oil has numerous benefits for the skin, and we’ll explain below why this versatile oil is considered as such a star ingredient.

First things first, Jojoba oil is highly moisturising, keeping your skin moisturised and therefore, preventing bacteria from hindering your glow and making sure your skin is plump.

Another big hit, Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic. Contrary to Coconut oil, your skin will absorb it because it is very similar to our sebum, so there is no risk of getting your pores clogged, which can lead to breakouts.

Because Jojoba oil is highly similar to our sebum, this makes it a great help to control sebum production. As Jojoba oil moisturises and soothes your skin, your skin won’t send signals to increase your sebum production. Regulating sebum also prevents clogged pores and, therefore, acne.

As Jojoba oil is rich in Vitamin E, it works as a great antioxidant as well. Just as we said before, it will keep your skin soothed, relieving oxidative stress from toxins, free radicals, but also reducing fine lines and speeding up the healing process of some scars (acne scars, for example).

Thanks to this antioxidant and the amino acids in it, Jojoba oil promotes collagen synthesis, making it a mighty anti-ageing ingredient.

At The Discovery Skincare, Jojoba oil was a key ingredient for us for all the benefits mentioned above. Hence why Jojoba oil can be found in each formula of our non-toxic skincare products. Designing our formulas with the help of a Doctor in Pharmacy, we thought about the most effective yet non-toxic and ethical skincare products we could because both your health and our planet are important to us.