Natural Skincare

Natural Skincare UK: Overview

Nearly 75% of skincare users have tried natural and/or organic cosmetics in the UK. For a few years now, natural skincare has been an increasingly popular category in the skincare market. First, let’s see the difference between natural and organic skincare then, let’s answer some questions.

Difference between natural and organic skincare:

A natural cosmetic product contains a high percentage of natural ingredients or ingredients from a natural origin. But, it doesn’t mean that these ingredients were organically cultivated. An organic product is made of organic ingredients that were organically cultivated and follows precise rules to comply with the label displayed.

Is natural skincare more effective?

That is a tricky question. When it comes to cosmetic results such as the look of your skin, natural and non-natural cosmetic products can be equally efficient. Also, both can rely on visual effects to make the skin look a certain way (blurring pores, smoothing lines, covering blemishes, etc.) and both can treat the root of skin issues. When you use cosmetic products on your skin, what matters for your skin are the molecules. For example, glycolic acid can be from natural or synthetic origin but your skin will react the same way with either.

Why choose natural products?

It comes down to 3 things:

  1. Philosophy: You might favor ingredients with natural origins because it echoes with you, your lifestyle, and your preferences. It’s a very valid reason!
  2. Ethics: Natural ingredients may be in some cases a more ethical alternative (supporting small businesses harvesting or cultivating their own components, for example).
  3. Ingredients: If you want to avoid unknown ingredients that may have counter-productive effects on your skin, going for a simpler, natural composition can make a difference.

What is the most natural beauty brand?

There are many natural beauty brands on the market. The Discovery Skincare is oriented toward these kinds of products with an average of 88% of natural ingredients and an average of 65% of organic ingredients per product.