welcom spring skincare

Welcome Spring – Skincare Edition

Mid-season is slowly approaching, flowers are blooming, and the sun is slowly welcoming us with a bright smile. What does it mean? It’s time to get your skin ready for warmer temperatures and especially summer.

Just like animals are shedding away their winter coat for a lighter one, our skin is preparing to endure a different type of season too. Contrary to the harsh cold and dry weather of winter, your skin needs to get prepared for warm weather and overall: sun exposure. UV rays are obviously harsher in summer than in winter. You can even check the UV index daily from your main weather app, pretty convenient. Don’t forget we are subject to UV rays as soon as the sun rays caress our skin, meaning even something as simple as walking to work exposes our skin to UV rays.

Our pro tip is to prep your skin with a non-toxic skincare routine that works in-depth on your skin, protecting it from the harshness of your daily life.

Check the below tips for supporting your skin to transition from winter to spring:

  1. Beware of chemical exfoliation: UV rays get stronger, and to be honest, the best would be to avoid sun exposure as much as possible, but we know depending on the circumstances it can be difficult, so it’s time to get your favourite SPF out of the cupboard to protect your skin. It’s all-year-long advice though, sun exposure can be harmful, even in winter! The best you can do is check your weather app for the UV Index.
  2. If you have normal to oily skin, time to start switching to a lighter moisturiser: In order to avoid breakouts, it’s best to take your time when implementing new products or changing your routine, try to adjust according to your skin. You can start by using your new moisturiser 1 day out of 3, for example! If your current moisturiser satisfies you, it may be a good option to just use less product so that you don’t experience oiliness.
  3. Don’t forget to listen to your skin and allow it to slowly adjust to this new routine and weather: Sometimes it may take a long time to find the right skincare routine for your skin.