Skincare can really help you to achieve your skin goals. Though, even if you apply the perfect cream on your skin (that does not exist by the way 🙁 ), you will never get the best version of your skin if you do not take care of it from the inside. Digestion, intestinal flora, glycemic index or the Ph of your body do all have a major impact on the appearance of your skin (non-exhaustive list).

We’re going to review a list of 10 fruits that can be great for your skin!

1 Pineapples

It does not only look and taste amazing, pineapple is rich in Vitamin C which helps your body heal scars by balancing the amount of new tissue (meaning how much skin you need to cover your scar)! Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that will make your body produce anti-inflammatory substances, awesome to fight redness and swelling!

2 Avocados

First, as you’ve probably noticed, avocado is a pretty fat fruit. Full of healthy and necessary fats! The fats contained in avocados will not only greatly help skin heal but will reduce inflammation and preserve the elasticity of your skin. Avocados are rich in antioxidants, a must to fight oxidative stress resulting in premature skin-ageing.

3 Watermelons

Perfect in summer and fairly instagramable, this one is fat-free! Amazing if you have blemishes as watermelon is full of water but vitamins, lycopene, carotenoids and flavonoids as well! Eating watermelon will prevent skin damages due to free radicals. And finally, you can find an amino acid called citrulline in watermelon. This substance promotes good blood circulation which can help not only your skin in general but more specifically certain types of dark circles on your eye contour.

4 Red Grapes

Better than the black and the white ones as it is 2 / 3 times richer in antioxidants. Not very rich in vitamins, antioxidants are the main reason for enjoying grapes (and the taste as well of course!). It helps your body fight inflammation and has some UV rays protection properties (the best is to avoid sun exposure).  

5 Apples

Apples are poor in vitamins and minerals, contrary to what you can read, but they are rich in antioxidants, to scavenge free radicals. It is rich in pectin as well which helps regulate your appetite and then indirectly regulate your glycemic index which has a huge impact on skin sensitive to blemishes. Plus, apples are easy to take away with you! Don’t forget to thoroughly clean and take it organic if you can as apples can be highly treated.

6 Lemons

Rich in vitamins, lemon has great detoxifying power. Perfect in autumn and spring to flush out all those toxins you’ve been accumulating. It will clean your liver and kidneys so that your skin doesn’t in order to help them by eliminating toxins itself (and causing many possible flaws). Lemon is delicious and you can easily have some every day! In your salad, water, tea, it’s up to you, be creative!

7 Tomatoes

Yes, it’s a fruit! Just like watermelon, it’s rich in lycopene which does wonders against UV rays! We particularly love it because you can enjoy it in so many different forms!  

8 Pomegranates

You may know that we use pomegranate stem cells in our Radiant Glow Serum. But you can benefit even more from pomegranate by enjoying its amazing taste! Pomegranate is rich in vitamins and minerals. And, if we usually only eat the juicy red part, you can even try to eat the peel! The ellagic acid it contains can defend you from UV rays damages as well as undesirable pigmentation.

9 Oranges

Easy to find, easy to take away! You’ll get a nice amount of vitamin C from oranges, about 50 mg of vitamin C for 100 g of orange. Thus, orange will be your ally to fight inflammation, sun free radicals and will promote good collagen synthesis and scars-healing.

10 Strawberries

Pretty and delicious, the vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acid they contain will benefit your skin! Just like pomegranate, it contains ellagic acid to protect your skin against sun exposure and prevent collagen loss and then delay lines formation.

Skin is the biggest organ of your body. It is a great health indicator, so when you take care of your health, you indirectly take care of your skin! Fruits are a great way to improve your general health and your skin as they are delicious and can be eaten through different forms and at any time of the day. The last tip, now you’ve seen a selection of some of the best fruits for your skin, know that the best “food” you can have for your skin is… water! So, why not enjoying a large cup of herbal tea with your plate of fruits?