Hi guys, summer is finally here! The Sun is shining and the temperature is indubitably rising. So we thought about you and we’ve created three fresh and skin-friendly smoothies to cool yourself while sipping it by the pool!

We’ve created 3 different recipes: the first one will help your skin dealing with the sun, the second one will do wonders for mature skins and the last one will help you to get rid of blemishes and toxins for a flawless summer. 

Pro tip: Use a blender and not a juicer! So that you can keep the whole fruit with all of the minerals, vitamins and fibres!

The Sun-Kissed Skin

Besides being deliciously fruity, this smoothie will both help to prepare your skin for sun exposure and photo protect your skin against UV rays. 

Watermelon and tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which has amazing anti-UV properties. The ellagic acid within the pomegranate will work in synergy with the lycopene to protect your skin against the sun. 


  • Watermelon: 200g
  • Pomegranate: 1
  • Tomato: 1
  • Carrot: 2
  • Crushed ice: 1 cup

Put everything in your blender and process everything. You may need to add a little bit of water so the texture is not too thick (I don’t, but I like rich smoothies).

The Youth Cocktail

Very rich and smooth, this smoothy will bring a lot of nutrients to your skin. A real anti-oxidants cocktail, it will help you scavenge free radicals in the most delicious way. Besides fighting oxidative stress resulting in premature skin-ageing, it will give you a nice shot of Vitamin C to promote a good collagen synthesis!


  • Avocado: 1
  • Red grapes: 50g
  • Orange: 1
  • Apple: 1

Process everything together. You can add orange zest to spice it up. 

Spots no More

A refreshing smoothie that will cleanse you from the inside. Yes, yes and YES! This smoothie is a 3 in 1. It will, calm inflammation and redness, detox your skin and protect your skin from the sun which can worsen blemishes. 


  • Pineapple: 100g
  • Strawberries: 100g
  • Lemon: ½
  • Spinach: 1 handful

For a fresh touch, add some mint!

When you create smoothies, it’s time to be creative! As long as you use fresh products, you can be sure that you will enjoy a healthy treat that will benefit your skin and your general health! 

Do you have secret ingredients for skin-friendly smoothies?