Geranium Bourbon essential oil is frequently used in skincare, so we thought you may want to know more about it.

Contrary to its name, geranium bourbon does not come from the geranium flower but from pelargonium plants also called “tender geranium” and is usually cultivated in Reunion. It’s not considered to be better than the Egyptian geranium essential oil, it simply smells stronger and is, in fact, more popular among perfumers. 

Regarding its benefits, like most flower essential oils, it has antidepressant and antiseptic benefits thanks to its delicate scent. Geranium bourbon essential oil also comes in super handy in aromatherapy as it blends well with many other essential oils. 

But Geranium Bourbon essential oil also has interesting benefits for your skin, we’ve listed 5 of the best ones: 

1/ Mentally and physically balancing, soothing, and regulating. 

2/ It is known to regulate sebum production for both dry and oily skin. 

3/ Geranium bourbon essential oil also promotes cell regeneration giving it anti-ageing properties. 

4/ This essential oil encourages blood clotting, therefore, improves scar healing. 

5/ Last but not least, it enhances immunity and boosts resistance to stress, a healthy glow comes with a healthy mind. 

Geranium bourbon essential oils is a great bioactive ingredient to find in non toxic skin care products, it’s also a great fit for dry, oily and normal skin.

Ray of Light, regenerating moisturiser and Moonlight, glycolic acid treatment, both contain Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil. Ray of Light and Moonlight work hand-in-hand to moisturise and exfoliate your skin but also to get rid of imperfections to bring out your natural glow. 

Choosing non toxic skin care products helps you achieve your skincare goals without causing any harm to your health nor the planet. 

Did you know about Geranium bourbon essential oil? Have you ever used skin care products that contain geranium bourbon essential oils?