“Your greatest responsibility is to love yourself and to know you’re enough.”

Because if you don’t love yourself, how could you love somebody else?

Love is the most amazing feeling out there but also the most questionable, intriguing, almost mystical. It is the one feeling able that is able to cure anything and it can be transcribed in words or simple actions. Love doesn’t have limits, so why would you keep it inside?

Self-love has an influence on your whole life, it affects the mate you’ll pick based on the image you have of yourself, your work environment and also how you cope with your daily life.

1 – Listen to yourself

Literally, be mindful of your own thoughts, don’t let yourself get influenced by someone/something. You are the only person who knows best what YOU want for yourself. Don’t let anyone else pick for you, that’s the base of self-love.

2 – Say it!

It may sound odd, but complimenting yourself is a key element. Compliment yourself on how well you managed to solve this project at work, how beautiful you are, how successful you are. We recommend saying it out loud on a daily basis in the morning to kickstart your day!

3 – Follow your passion

As for the first point, don’t be afraid of following what you love to do. Just DO IT. Don’t think, do it. It can be anything that makes you happy, playing an instrument, gardening, crafting, drawing or just reading. Hobbies are infinite, just pick the one that makes you the happiest without causing any pressure or stress.

4 – Treat others with respect

Because respecting others is respecting yourself and being positive, kind and mindful makes you happy too. It doesn’t mean people will necessarily repay the favour but it’s their business, not yours.


Last but not least, self-care is proof that you love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Start by your nutrition, avoid junk food and find some healthy alternatives, there are a lot of tasty treats. Then, keep your body moving on a regular basis, establish a weekly routine that keeps you on the move but not exhausted.

Finally, set up a balanced skincare routine because our skin is our biggest organ and it deserves ALL our attention. Be mindful of what skincare you pick, there are tons of non toxic skin care products out there. Make sure to find the right ones that fit your skin and needs.

Loving yourself is a life journey, date yourself for a while and discover how a wonderful human being you are and how you can improve yourself. That’s self-love for you.

Love you!