Why should you care about your eye contour?

The skin of the eye area is the thinnest skin of your face. Therefore, sorry to announce it but… it will be the first part of your face to show signs of time. We’ll give you some tips to preserve the skin as much as possible. 

The eye-contour is excessively sensitive to many types of aggression: UV rays, dehydration, drinking too much alcohol, bad blood circulation, lack of care, touching this area excessively, squinting, and so on. Well, you got the idea? The eye contour is extremely delicate. 

So, we’ve come up with five tips to take care of and pamper this area! 

1/ Water, water, water

Make sure you get your daily 1,5L or 2L in summer or when temperatures are high. Hydration is a must for the body, anyway. 

2/ No sun

You have to protect your skin against the sun, sunscreen throughout the year and sunglasses are your new besties. 

3/ Skincare

You should use some non toxic skin care products in the morning and the evening to protect your eye contour as well as give it even more hydration. Better start young, I personally started at 21. 

4/ No touching, no rubbing

Whenever you apply your eye contour treatment or eye cream, you have to be extra gentle, make sure to not rub, instead gently tap or dab until full absorption with one of your fingers. 

5/ No alcohol

Liquor is one of our health’s greatest foes. Alcohol dries your body and makes you look tired, it has terrible effects on your liver which can cause disease in the long term. 

If you follow these tips, you should be able to keep a smooth eye contour for much longer. And never forget that prevention is better than cure. Better safe than sorry. It is much easier to prevent skin ageing than to reverse it!