A dreamy morning self-care session 

Let’s say the weekend’s here (maybe it’s really here, depending on when you read this blog post 😉 ) and you have the whole weekend free. 

What do you do? Would you message your friends or partner and arrange a date? Sure, that’s a great idea! But, don’t forget to keep some precious time to yourself, because you deserve a proper self-care session at least once a week. So why not try to keep a morning or an evening completely free? 

We’ll guide you throughout a dreamy morning self-care session. 

Allow yourself to wake up naturally, if possible not too late as it affects your body clock. 

Once you stand up, stretch your body, it was resting for about 8 hours so it allows your muscles to gently wake up. Open your window or get on the balcony, take a deep breath in and a deep breath out

Start with a real breakfast and by real, we mean not a toast and coffee. Treat yourself to a real breakfast, if you have some fruits then maybe make a fruit salad with them or a smoothie, you can also prepare some juice. Then you can add oat, granola with a teaspoon of honey and pick up your favourite tea, herbal tea or coffee and enjoy your meal! 

Drop your phone during your breakfast, take this time to enjoy this peace and quiet moment, this is your “me-time”. Pay attention to the little sound surrounding you, birds chirping, the wind blowing among the leaves, anything, or you can also play your favourite music. If you’re journaling, write down a few lines or if you’ve been reading this rom-com book, get into a few pages. Take it slow, no need to gulp it, eating at a slow pace allows your body to properly digest. 

Now that you’re full of energy, why not enjoy a short (or long, as you wish) workout session? Because working out is a part of self-caring for your body! Maybe you’re already following a workout regimen and if that’s the case, get into it, if it’s not then we recommend checking some Youtube videos that are super easy to find, there are tons of talented Fitness Youtubers out there, find the one that matches your needs and expectations! Yoga is also a great option as it works on your flexibility and core whilst training your muscles. It can be 5, 10, 20 minutes or an hour, it’s up to you. Listen to your body overall! 

Next, if you’re a morning shower/bath person, get into it and make it a bit different! If it’s a shower, why not light up a candle or some incense in your bathroom? If it’s a bath, using a bath bomb or some bath salt is a great option! 

Try not to make it too fast, take some time to properly massage your muscles, your scalp, your face, give yourself your very own massage. Take advantage of this time to exfoliate your whole body!

Time to moisturise your whole body. After a good exfoliation, use your favourite lotion, butter or cream but keep in mind that non toxic skincare products are always the safest option. 

Now that your body’s moisturised, you can take care of your face skin, indulge yourself with a face mask to gently recover from your physical exfoliation whilst reading a few more pages or watching that TV show you love. Once you’re ready, start your morning skincare routine, we highly recommend using non toxic skincare products as they are free of nasties and treat your skin thoroughly. 

After that, take a paper or a notebook and make a list of what made you happy this past week and why, it can be a good laugh you had at work, a project you finally got rid of, a lovely restaurant you went to or simply that cuddly evening with your lover. Once you’re done, list what you’re looking forward to next week and then fix yourself something to achieve next week that would make you happy, maybe bake a carrot cake, cook some vongole pasta, or go watch this amazing movie or a play, visit this exhibition you’ve been dying to see, anything that makes you happy. It will help you to accept the upcoming in a positive way! 

Now take a good hour to rest on your couch or on your balcony, no need to rush, this is weekend time and feel free to choose your next activity! 

Remember to listen to your body, sometimes it’s important to slow down and take a rest.