About Us

We aim to create highly effective skincare treatments improving the general aspect of the skin. Our formulations are the soundest and the most natural possible.

We strive to ban any controversial ingredients from our formulas as we believe beauty should embrace a healthy philosophy. Still, we are down-to-earth. A natural ingredient can actually be toxic, and a synthetic one can be harmless and fairly helpful! To guarantee the best results for you, we handpick with utter care each ingredient that composes our formulas. And we always choose natural and uncontroversial alternatives when possible.

Our treatments have been developed in close collaboration with a Doctor of Pharmacy, to ensure the highest level of efficiency and safety.

Our formulas are all about excellence. Meaning, that almost every ingredient used is bio-active. Powerful actives that will help you reach your goals in terms of skincare.

For instance, The Discovery formulas are mostly not water-based; we favour using natural and active aqueous phases, such as Aloe Vera gel.

Natural and ethically sourced ingredients are always our top priority. As well as for the packaging of The Discovery products: we avoid plastic as much as possible. We use glass containers to save the oceans, one vial at a time.

We tend to be as transparent as possible with you. Hence, we put a lot of insights into our formulas, so that you can truly know what you are using on your skin.

Hello you,

Coline and Raphael here! Brother and sister, sharing in our passion for beauty and skincare.

We founded The Discovery with our family to give life to natural and respectful skin care. We combined our positivity, personal experience, and knowledge about skincare to bring you highly effective, healthy, and ethical products.

The Discovery’s objective is to help people achieve their skin goals through sophisticated yet natural skincare, a positive message, and holistically respecting life, with no compromise between having a healthy glow while respecting your health and our beautiful planet.

Made with love by a caring family