Skincare: the importance of healthy bed sheets

On an average basis, we spend 26 years sleeping in our life which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. Yes, that’s a lot! 

As we’ve seen in our article about the impact of sleep on your skin, sleep, just like food, physical activity, environment, skincare and make-up has a huge impact on your skin. 

Today, we’re going to focus on a specific aspect of sleep: bedding. 

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, sweaty or itchy or tired the next day? It might be because of your bedsheets!

Aizome Bedding: the Japanese art of creating the best bed sheets.

Fabrics made from plastics like polyester and rayon are like wrapping yourself in a plastic bag – they don’t allow your skin to breathe so you stay sweaty and allow for bacteria to grow.

What’s more, most bed sheets are dyed with toxic chemicals and they can make your skin itchy during the night (especially if you have skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis etc)!

And this is why Aizome Bedding came to our rescue. Their mission is to provide 100% natural bedsheets, with 0% of chemical dyes or any toxic substances to offer you a clean and luxurious sleep. What’s not to like here?!

Basically, Aizome Bedding solves sweaty, itchy, uncomfortable sleep experiences and lets you sleep all night long!

Their range offers adult, kid and baby sheets so that the whole family can switch to a healthy way of sleep altogether. 

How do they create such wonderful bed sheets? 

First, Aizome Bedding only uses organic cotton and natural indigo leaves to create the sheets. Japanese Aizome (indigo dyeing) has a beautiful deep blue colour that may be called as well “Japan blue” and is highly popular all around the world. It has been valued by Japanese people for centuries and is still used today for dyeing jeans, sweaters or bedsheets! Indigo leaves have amazing antibacterial properties which is a must for a healthy sleeping environment. 

But that’s not all. Aizome Bedding is also certified by the National Eczema Association as a product that provides benefits for people with eczema and sensitive skin.

Aizome bedding is certified by Dermaveritas for Skin Health. This certification consists of a rigorous dermatologist lead examination known as HRIPT Test in which over a period of two months the skin reaction to the fabric is observed.

To sum up, Aizome Bedding offers hypoallergenic, 100% plant-based, non-toxic bedsheets for the best quality of sleep that you can get. 

Aizome Bedding is also extremely transparent about their production (which is a big plus for us), you can find their Quality Manifesto on their website. You’ll find their rigorous means of production within it. 

Aizome Bedding says no to:

  • Synthetic dyes
  • Petro-chemicals
  • Bleach
  • Pesticides on the cotton they use
  • Chemical finishing

Aizome Bedding: Review

Aizome Bedding gifted me a sheet set but this review is unpaid and honest. The set is composed of 1 top sheet, 1 drawstring bottom sheet and 2 pillowcases. 

Characteristics –

First of all, the parcel arrived in a classy and elegant box. Everything was sophistically folded and it gave me an amazing first impression. One lovely detail: you get little origamis in every box! I just love this kind of special intention. 

There’s a little leaflet in every box with care instructions so before using them I washed them with a natural organic detergent following the care instructions. 

The indigo colour is lovely, it looks like a very soft and natural blue. If you’re into Feng Shui, you will love it, it gives a soothing atmosphere to the room. There’s a cute little embroidery Aizome logo on every piece. The bottom sheet doesn’t have any spandex elastic, as I told you, the sheets are 100% plant-based, there’s no artificial material at all. Instead, there’s a little string made of cotton to “attach” the sheet to the mattress. 

Sleeping –

I’ve slept in the Aizome bed sheets 5 nights for now and I must say they are indeed very comfortable. I usually don’t like them right away new bedsheets because they are always too “hard” for me like I feel like they need to be used a little bit until they finally become softer and comfier. But, the Aizome ones are very comfortable and soft. 

They also kept me cool through the night but not too cold! It felt like it was kind of regulating the temperature within the bed to keep me at a well-balanced temperature. I don’t like feeling hot at night, it prevents me from falling asleep. But I didn’t feel too hot or too cold with the Aizome bedsheets. I actually had 5 great nights. 

I noticed a few months ago that I had a weird itchy sensation on my arms and back when I was in bed. So I started using body lotion as I thought it was because my skin was too dry. It didn’t really do anything and I didn’t know what to do anymore. Then, when I started sleeping in the Aizome bed sheets, I noticed very quickly that I didn’t feel any itch at all anymore! I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with my old bedsheets but I’m pretty sure there’s an issue with them. I try to make my home a healthy and safe space but I didn’t really think about bedsheets before. Now I know it actually has a big impact on my skin. 

What I realized –

You know how we always say that if you want to have clear, glowing skin you have to work in a holistic way about it. We always knew and say that sleep was extremely important but sleeping is a big subject. Of course, there’s the quality of your sleep, but your environmental sleeping area is just as much important. You can drink a lot of water, use the best skincare, eat superfood every day and sleep 8 hours by night but… if your pillowcase irritates your skin it will pretty much ruin your efforts! Remember? We spend on average 26 years sleeping. 26 years with your skin against a surface. If this surface is not healthy, it will definitely negatively impact your skin and vice versa! 

I did notice that my skin was pretty neat and clear after sleeping in the Aizome bedsheets which comforts me with the idea that you have to be careful with where you put your face on! As Aizome says on their leaflet and website, you should as well wash your bedsheets with a gentle natural detergent and there will be direct contact with your skin.

Finally, if you care for your skin, you should choose decent bedsheets. It’s totally part of your “passive skincare routine”. When we think skincare, bedsheets may not be the first thing to come to our mind but If you think about it, bedsheets are probably the thing the most in contact with our skin! 

I recommend warmly Aizome Bedding Bedsheets as I’ve had the chance to try them and I’ll even think about replacing my bedsheets in the future. Plus Misa, from Aizome, was lovely and took the time to explain a lot of things about the company values and quality guidelines.

Aizome Bedding has great values and we’re happy to feature them on our blog. You can find the Aizome bedding website and social media here :