Sesame oil benefits for your skin

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Today, we’re focusing on a specific ingredient: sesame oil. Usually named “SESAMUM INDICUM SEED OIL” in the ingredient list of cosmetic products. It is described as “A goldish to dark yellow emollient plant oil coming from Sesame seeds. Similar to many other plant oils, it

5 things you need to know about Lavender Water and skincare

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Lavender, when you hear this word we instantly think of a vibrant purple field filled with a soothing, relaxing scent.  Lavender is a flowering plant native to the Mediterranean area, Middle East and India. For ages, it’s been used as a sacred herb, especially for

Yoga and its benefits for your skin

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Did you know yoga had an impact on your skin too? Well, of course it has, yoga just like working out or eating, anything that has an impact on your body impacts your skin and it’s not just the non toxic skin care routine you’re

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Welcome Spring – Skincare Edition

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Mid-season is slowly approaching, flowers are blooming and the sun is slowly welcoming us with a bright smile. What does it mean? It’s time to get your skin ready for warmer temperatures and especially summer. Just like animals are shedding away their winter coat for

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Getting to know combination skin type

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We all have different skin types and skin types do not revolve around normal dry and oily. If you have an oily T zone as well as dry cheeks then welcome aboard, you have a combination skin type.  What is a combination skin type?  We

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What true beauty really means?

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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself - Coco Chanel As Coco Chanel said, the most important thing is for you to know who you are, accept yourself and be proud of yourself! Don’t try to be someone else because society tells you

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Ikigai, a Japanese philosophy for a balanced lifestyle

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Ikigai or 生き甲斐  (pronounced ee-kee-guy) is a Japanese philosophy from the Okinawa islands. Iki 生き means “alive” or  “life” in Japanese and Gai 甲斐 defines as “value” or “worth”. It is, in fact, very similar to the French “Raison d’Être”. Ikigai literally means “reasons for

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A versatile plant-derived oil: Jojoba Oil

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Plant-derived oils have been commonly used in cosmetics and Jojoba oil is one of the most famous ones out there.  Jojoba oil has numerous benefits for the skin and we’ll explain below why this versatile oil is considered as such a star ingredient.  First things

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Why do we need to hydrate more in Autumn & Winter

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We tend to feel our skin is dryer in autumn and winter, basically during the cold season. That’s because the cold air is literally drawing moisture away from your skin so it’s important during this period of the year to keep it not just moisturised

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Eye contour glow up: Chlorella Vulgaris

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We have all suffered from how tired our eyes looked, mostly because of dark circles, puffiness, dryness, you name it.  All of these are most likely to appear for the following reasons: Sleep deprivation, Lack of nutrients, Stress, Anxiety, Malnourishment, Dehydrated skin, Cold weather, And

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The Discovery Skincare – Vegan certification for three of our products

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First things first, a vegan product does not contain any animal-derived ingredient or animal byproduct meaning it excludes beeswax, honey, keratin, collagen and more.  Vegan products even stay away from ethically sourced animal byproducts and they tend to use either plant-based or synthetic ingredients.  The

Shea Butter, a key moisturising ingredient

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Shea butter is widely known now as being one of the best moisturising ingredients in terms of moisturising skincare.  So let’s get closer to this superstar ingredient.  Shea Butter is native from sub-Saharan Africa and comes from shea trees, from kernels to be exact. Part

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3 detox recipes to get ready for Autumn and Winter

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What better way to start Autumn than with detox smoothies? Autumn is a great time to detox your body so why not do it in a delicious way? Plus, the earth is pretty generous at this time of the year so take the opportunity to

3 ways to consume apples with recipes

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Since we love seasonal topics, Autumn is also the season of Apples.  They are rich in vitamin A, E, B1, B2 and B6 as well as copper and manganese. They are definitely a great addition to your 5 a day. Apples also contain polyphenols which

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Get in the Autumn mood!

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Autumn has arrived and we’ve welcomed October and its chilly temperatures. This is just the right moment to detoxify your body, health, mind and skin! Why? Because the transition period is the moment our body needs to adapt to the new environment, we’re usually more

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Is it safe to pair Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid?

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Is it okay to pair Ascorbic Acid & Glycolic Acid, will one cancel the other’s effectiveness? The answer is simple: no, it won’t cancel their effectiveness but there are few things you need to know beforehand. Ascorbic Acid is a powerful antioxidant and it’s also

How to get started on self-care?

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As most of us are living really busy lives, it is important to keep thinking about ourselves, to remember we sometimes need to slow down and care about ourselves.  Life can be so tiring sometimes we just feel the need to shut off… But what

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How to figure out your skin type

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We’ve all been here, who hasn’t ever questioned about their skin type? Probably no one… This simple question comes from many skin care brands flashing the « for oily skin only » kind of message.  We’ll help you find your skin type through this very simple guide,

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What is Squalane?

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You’ve probably heard about Squalane since it’s been commonly used in skin care products for a while now.  Squalane is basically mimicking our skin’s natural oils, it’s different from squalene (yes, with an “e”). Squalene is a lipid produced by our very own skin cells,

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Exfoliation: a must in your skincare routine

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Exfoliating is a must in your skincare routine. Of course, you should not exfoliate every day, not at all.  First things first, there are two types of exfoliation methods: physical and chemical. Although both share the same purposes they need to be handled differently.  Physical

10 Foods to boost your immune system

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Summer holidays are sadly coming to a close and it’s almost time to kiss goodbye summer and welcome autumn.  When talking about season transition, it’s time to boost your immune system because this is the best way to prepare your body for the cold and

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5 benefits of Geranium Bourbon essential oil for your skin

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Geranium Bourbon essential oil is frequently used in skincare, so we thought you may want to know more about it. Contrary to its name, geranium bourbon does not come from the geranium flower but from pelargonium plants also called “tender geranium” and is usually cultivated

The benefits of rosemary water for the skin and health

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Today, we want to focus on a specific ingredient in skincare: Rosemary water.  Rosemary is widely known as a flavouring, and although it tastes delicious when cooking, it also has great benefits when it comes to skincare.  In terms of cosmetics, Rosemary is more commonly

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4 ways to practice self care

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Self care has become essential because of our busy and stressful lifestyle. Stress is affecting about 75% of our population so it is important to indulge yourself into stress-free activities and properly take time to relax and chill.  We know you may think you don’t

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What is the difference between Day and Night cream?

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Day and Night cream, above having different names, also have different purposes, therefore, they will not work on your skin the same way especially since you would apply them at different times (daytime and nighttime). A Day cream’s goal is to moisturise, nourish and protect