Exfoliating is a must in your skincare routine. Of course, you should not exfoliate every day, not at all. 

First things first, there are two types of exfoliation methods: physical and chemical. Although both share the same purposes they need to be handled differently. 

Physical exfoliation products contain very small particles such as coffee or jojoba beads, sometimes even sugar. These kinds of products require you to manually apply the product and scrub it into the skin in order for the particles to work their magic. 

Chemical exfoliation is quite the opposite of physical, instead of relying on physical motions to remove dead cells, acids basically dissolve the “glue” binding the dead cells on your skin, helping them to loosen. 

Both physical and chemical are all-skin-type-friendly. Simply be extra gentle with your skin when you scrub it and always try a product beforehand on the skin of your hand before applying it to your face skin and it’s best to buy non toxic skin care products to respect both your skin and the environment. 

What are the benefits? 

Exfoliation helps to unclog all your pores, allowing your skin to breathe properly and to keep it fresh and clean from dead skins. As it is smoothing your skin, you will get an even skin tone.

Furthermore, keeping it fresh and clean will boost the effectiveness of your skincare as your products will be thoroughly absorbed by your skin. 

Exfoliation always means a face massage that will stimulate the lymphatic drainage for a deep cleansing and oxygen-rich blood in order to deeply nourish your skin, removing all the toxins and unhealthy debris. 

Finally, regular exfoliation will stimulate collagen synthesis to improve your skin’s texture, integrity and keep it plump, tight and young!

Moonlight, glycolic acid treatment, contains about 10% of glycolic acid which will provide a chemical exfoliation to get your beauty sleep. Don’t worry, we dosed it just right so it will progressively work on your skin in a smooth way.

Make sure to properly exfoliate your skin!