We have all suffered from how tired our eyes looked, mostly because of dark circles, puffiness, dryness, you name it. 

All of these are most likely to appear for the following reasons:

  • Sleep deprivation,
  • Lack of nutrients,
  • Stress,
  • Anxiety,
  • Malnourishment,
  • Dehydrated skin,
  • Cold weather,
  • And we could go on.

There are tons of reasons why eye bags and such show up and the very first step to take care of them is to identify what is causing them.

To give you a heads up, let’s take a closer look at this star ingredient for your eye contour: Chlorella Vulgaris can definitely support your eye contour to prevent dark circles for a healthy look. 

First time hearing about Chlorella? We’ll introduce it!

Chlorella Vulgaris is a water-grown algae with a high level of chlorophyll, more than any other plant. In terms of nutrition, Chlorella Vulgaris is known as a superfood, a life-saver to detoxify your body and liver. 

Chlorella Vulgaris has lots of benefits when used in non toxic skin care products as it is rich in protein and essential nutrients, it decreases the redness of vascular imperfections which lighten dark circles over the long term depending on the origin of your dark circles. It can also improve the firmness and tone as well as heal scars and wounds because of its high level of minerals and vitamins, promoting a fast reproduction of your cells. 

Primal Light, eye contour treatment, targets many issues such as dehydrated eye contour, wrinkles, redness as well as dark circles. 

The synergy of Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Arnica Montana and Chlorella Vulgaris stimulate the collagen in-depth, relieve puffiness, smooth any fine lines whilst soothing your eye contour. 

Last but not least, the Brown Algae from French Britany creates a non-comedogenic barrier to protect your eye contour whilst lifting it in order to give you an instant healthy glow.