Spring bears beautiful treasures. We’re talking here about fruits and veggies. If Winter has a plethora of cabbages and let’s admit it, not so glamourous fruits or vegetables, the sun and nice weather that come back when Spring comes back allow our beautiful planet to produce delicious natural treats.

As we always say, if you want a real natural glow, you have to adopt a holistic approach. Non-toxic skin care products play a big part in it but a healthy lifestyle helps you get clear glowing skin, and a huge part of it is definitely the food. You are what you eat so it might be a good idea to eat plenty of rich-in-nutrients goodies. And Spring is definitely a great time to enjoy both delicious and nutritious food!

Today, we are going to focus on essential vitamins for our skin and see where we can find them during Springtime and only from non-animal sources. We will also share 3 delicious smoothies that will benefit both your skin and your taste buds!


Vitamin A

With antioxidant power,  Vitamin A helps your skin regenerate by stimulating your collagen production, hydrating your skin from the inside and thus encouraging skin turnover. It’s a healing vitamin for the skin that will also scavenge sun free-radicals.

You know you lack vitamin A if your skin is dry or wrinkly.

You can find pro-vitamin A in beta carotene that will be turned into vitamin A by your body.

Where to find vitamin A: Carrots, sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce, spinach.

Vitamin B1

Known as thiamin, it helps metabolizing proteins and fat which is essential to main a supple, pulped skin.

Where to find vitamin B1: cereals, dry fruits, peas.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin has regenerating properties for the skin and will also reinforce it in a general way.

Where to find Vitamin B2: green bean, whole grain products.

Vitamin B8

Called biotin and vitamin H as well, this vitamin is essential as it allows you to create and develop cells. Vitamin B8 is nails, hair and skin best friend.

But that’s not all, biotin is also helpful to balance oily skin by reducing sebum production.

Where to find vitamin B8: spinach, grapefruit, oat, cauliflower, leguminous plant.

Vitamin C

Pretty famous in food supplements to give an energy boost, Vitamin C is extremely important for your skin. It allows your skin to defend itself against pollution, sun free-radicals and many kinds of external aggressions. That’s why you can see it used more and more in the cosmetic industry. In facts, Radiant Glow Illuminating Serum is filled with a stable form of vitamin C to support your skin.

Vitamin C activates the development of antioxidants and by that, slow the process of ageing. Aside from that, it helps your body to heal, especially for scarring over! Vitamin C regulates this process so that you don’t create too few nor too many new cells to scar.

Where to find Vitamin C: citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, cauliflower.

Vitamin E

Known also as tocopherol, Vitamin has strong antioxidant powers. It slows the oxidation of cells and will combat free radicals. Vitamin E keeps your skin as well as botanical oils in cosmetic products safe from rancidity.

Where to find Vitamin E: olive oil, sunflower oil, nuts, spinach.



3 Delicious, healthy and easy to do recipes!

Youthful Cocktail

1 Carrot

A handful of Spinach

½  Grapefruit

1 ts of Turmeric

A pinch of mint

1 glass of water

Mix everything in your blender and savour with ice cubes for a fresh boost!

Rich in regenerating vitamins, your skin will thank you for this.

Balancing Juice

1 Grapefruit

1 Kiwi

A handful of Strawberries

½ teaspoon of Ginger

1 Glass of water

Mix everything in your blender and top it up with extra strawberries if you’d like!

This juice will help your body regulating the production of sebum.

The  Glow Gazpacho

½ Lemon

2 Tomatoes

3-5 Strawberries

1 spoon of Olive Oil

Mix everything in your blender for a delicious and nutritious starter. Add water if it’s too thick for your taste!