As the heat is slowly hitting the UK, it’s time to be cautious of your daily hydration. Of course, you should be drinking water throughout your day, even more than usual as we tend to sweat more but make sure to not overwork your kidneys. Meaning, drinking suddenly 3 glasses of water will not help, the best is to spread your drinking session from morning till night time.
Keeping yourself hydrated is a must for your body and if you want to keep radiant glowing skin even in Summer, don’t let it dry under the Sun!

Another way of hydrating yourself is through fruits and vegetables. Some of them are composed of more than 90% of water.
Hence why we’ve made a list of them to make things easier for you, check them out below.


In fact, lettuce has about 95.5% of water, it’s super easy to prepare as it mixes well with anything especially in a salad. Extremely refreshing to eat it for lunch, throw in a few tomatoes and mozzarella and that will make your taste buds travel to Italy with a kind of Caprese salad.


With a bit less water than lettuce but still pretty high, a total of 95.3% of water makes it a perfect treat. However, depending on how you cook, it will reduce its water but regardless, there are many ways of cooking it. Our favourite is to make it in cold soup with feta cheese, the perfect soup for a lovely picnic in Hyde Park!


Some may find it plain, others love it, cucumber is almost a must-eat in Summer with 95% of water. Cucumber is so versatile, it goes well with salad, lettuce, tomato, cheese, peppers, the choice is yours! Our personal favourite is to mix Greek yoghurt with olive oil, add a pinch of pepper, mix it with cucumbers and it’s all done.


A basic when it comes to Mediterranean cuisine, with 94.1% of water, you can eat it in infinite ways! Clean it and eat it like an apple for a super juicy treat, cut it and throw in a salad, cook it in the oven, it will remain as tasty as it is, so just try them all and see which kind you prefer.


Fascinating yet so tasty, it’s probably the most iconic fruit of Summer. Besides being so beautiful, it has about 91% of water, making it a super delicious treat to get your daily hydration. Put it in your freezer and crush it for a shaved watermelon ice dessert.

Citrus fruits

Such as grapefruit (88.7% of water), orange (87%) or lemon (89%), again, the choice is yours! Pick the one that you prefer and consume it your own way. Citrus fruits also have a high concentration of Vitamin C that helps you to kickstart your day but also give you that healthy glowy skin.

Overall, there are many options for you to hydrate yourself with vegetables and fruits. You can even combine the above, tomatoes and cucumbers are part of the gazpacho recipe, a perfect fit for Summer!
Hydrating yourself allows your body to function in a better way and your skin (your biggest organ, don’t forget it) to be as dazzling as it should be.

Don’t forget to protect your skin during sun exposure in Summer, because caring about yourself is caring about your skin. Make sure to pick the right non toxic skin care products that match your skin type and needs.