Autumn has arrived and we’ve welcomed October and its chilly temperatures.

This is just the right moment to detoxify your body, health, mind and skin! Why? Because the transition period is the moment our body needs to adapt to the new environment, we’re usually more prone to catch a cold during this period.

Be mindful about what you eat because you need your immune system to be at its best to prepare for even colder temperatures (aka winter). Make sure to get lots of pumpkins. Pumpkin’s rich in vitamin A and K as well as magnesium, a great boost to your immune system. We have some great Pumpkin smoothies recipes you may want to try.

Get your fluffy blankets, knitted throws and pumpkin spice candles, books, Halloween movies and hot chocolate out, it’s time to get super cosy at home. Nothing’s better than some self-love, self-care time for you. You deserve it.

Don’t forget to get into some regular workout without exhausting yourself. We know it’s getting colder and gloomy but it’s not an excuse to stop, working out helps to relax your brain, your thoughts. You don’t have to necessarily go out for a run, just get a few exercises at home, there are tons of Fit Youtubers we could recommend.

Meditating is also a real blessing for your mind, it puts your mind at ease, helps to relax or get your focus back to what matters! Light a spiced gingerbread candle and start meditating.

Last but not least, be sure to stick to your skincare routine. As your skin is more sensitive and drier than usual during cold weather, it is very important to keep it well hydrated and moisturised. 

Indulge yourself in a long bubble bath and some face masks. Then, using non toxic skin care products, exfoliate, moisturise, hydrate and nourish your skin! 

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels