We could say the sun is our best friend as much as it’s our worst enemy. The Sun is this magnificent light that is waking us every morning, brightening up our days of its warm light. 

As Summer is approaching, all we want is to sunbathe under those rays of light. 


Sunkissed skin, an afternoon spent laying on the warm sand at the beach or enjoying a coffee on a terrace or a park, and we could keep going on with the list, are things we’re craving during to do in Summer. However, the common factor of these things is: the Sun is always here. 


Indeed, throughout our day, even if it’s cloudy outside, the UV rays are reaching us as long as we are exposed to the Sunlight 


Sun exposure has numerous effects on our skin but hold your horses, all of them are not negative effects. We all know UV rays are damaging our skin a lot but our bodies are not made to function without the Sun either. The Sun is a part of our ecosystem, our world and our life. 


One of the benefits of sun exposure is to take part in the Vitamin D synthesis process by our skin. A Vitamin D deficiency can be the source of several skin issues like acne, psoriasis or even excessively oily skin. 

Vitamin D is necessary to regulate the sebum of your skin and to fortify your bones. By controlling the body’s response to insulin, hormone stimulating sebaceous glands, Vitamin D will prevent the development of acne, inflammation and pimples. 

Then, you will ask me if sun exposure can solve acne? Occasional exposure to the Sun can improve the aspect of the skin and acne however moderation is the key, don’t underestimate the Sun rays power. 

Numerous studies have proven a 15-minutes daily sun exposure provides the right amount of Vitamin D to our body. Other studies also recommend exposing only before 12 A.M. and after 2 – 4 P.M. to avoid sunburns. Please note these timings are general, if you’re taking any medication or have a specific skin sensitivity, it is safer to consult your doctor beforehand. (Source)

Moreover, it has been proven in 1984 by the psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal that there is a link between light and our mood. The results of this study have been proven and gave birth to light therapy. Improving your mood is by definition improving your skin quality. Stress tends to increase fine lines on our face but many emotions can affect us, of course.

Staying positive and in a good mood will always be a huge help for your health!

One of the well-known disbenefits of the Sun is sunburn. They are almost casual during summertime but they should not be taken lightly as they weaken your skin if repeated numerous times.