How science combined with organic ingredients can create great skincare products?

The way that our skin looks is something that is very important to us all. We might want younger-looking skin, we might want to reduce redness or we might want to simply achieve a healthy, radiant glow.

When you are thinking about buying skincare, it makes sense that the first thing that you want to know is whether or not it actually has a visible impact on your skin. However, we also think that you should be thinking about the impact that this skincare could be having on the world around you.

Here at The Discovery Skincare, we are incredibly proud to create a skincare brand that is ethical and highly effective. We think that more and more people should be embracing the power of non-toxic skincare that is not only effective but that is kinder to the world too.

To inspire you to see whether or not our products could be perfect for you, we have put together a guide on why giving it a go could be an amazing investment for not only your skin but also the planet too.

Your skin will be softer and beautiful

You might not realize it, but a large number of luxury brands and high street brands alike, actually add an ingredient that will dry out your skin. This includes moisturisers, lip balm and even conditioner for your hair. This will often come in the form of sulfates, so if you are looking for the ultimate natural cream for your skin, then you need to stay away from sulphates.

Also often used to provide immediate (thus fake) results are silicones. Silicones are polymers that provide an immediate visual aspect to your skin (or hair). At first, you will feel like you have a nice glowy result, but this won’t last. In fact, silicones are creating hermetic barriers and are preventing your skin or hair from breathing. If you use these products in the long term, you might start to see spots, and your glow will fade.

There are so many ingredients that might cause problems more than they bring solutions. At The Discovery Skincare, we are really proud to have created products that won’t contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, endocrine disruptors, TEA/DEA, petrochemicals, silicones, sulphates, PEGs, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and colours, to help you get better results, by only providing the best to your skin.

You will stay away from harsh ingredients

If you take a look at the list of ingredients of many brands, then chances are that you might be quite unpleasantly surprised. The Discovery always favours natural ingredients … when they are the best alternative! What does it mean? Well, it’s simple: natural does not necessarily mean safe, healthy or better at all. In our philosophy, we’d rather use natural components than artificial ones and we have an average of 88% of natural ingredients in our products. But, when a component is more stable, safer and more efficient in its artificial form, then we’ll obviously go for the latter one.

Greenwashing has been growing for years. However, as we want to be as transparent with you as we can, we will never say that natural ingredients are better than artificial ones. This would be a very simple-minded and false statement. We selected each ingredient in our formulas, checking the different options to always pick the best alternative we could

If you really want to know about the harm or benefits of a component: read and search about it! Internet is full of information and it’s always better to check multiple sources to get an enlightened opinion.

Our planet will thank you

Finally, favouring organic when we can and being ethical is also because we think of the environment.

From the ingredients, for example, if we take Fagus Sylvatica buds present in our Day Cream Ray of Light, we chose a supplier doing a “responsible sourcing”. So to speak, buds are hand-picked on the lower branches to avoid any damage to the future development of the tree and respect its natural balance. This component is developed through a nature-friendly process, from harvesting to extraction.

For our packaging, we use glass bottles to reduce plastic consumption and vegetable-based labels.

It’s not an easy task to find the perfect mix between organic, synthetic, natural and efficiency, safety and comfort. Our brand has been created around this idea of bringing the best of each world into practical and highly efficient products to use. And now that you are feeling more informed, why not have a look at our products range?