Since we’ve been facing the sanitary crisis due to the Covid-19, it’s pretty obvious to say that we’ve changed some of our habits. It may be more dramatic for some of us but we cannot deny the impacts of this pandemic on our daily life. Who could have imagined a few months ago that wearing a mask would be the new standard? Or that travelling internationally would be such a hassle? The situation necessarily changes the way you live in many ways and the way we consume beauty isn’t exempt from that. 

Let’s focus on the major changes in the cosmetics industry and how they affected the consumers. 

The first major change, with the lockdown, retail stores have been closed and even after the lockdown. Going shopping the traditional way became kind of stressful as there is now a strict sanitary protocol to follow, reminding constantly of the delicate situation we’re facing. Not a surprise that online sales have greatly raised. That’s probably the safest way to enjoy shopping nowadays. The place where we shop has evolved and even though it’s not only true for the beauty industry, it’s important as it induced pretty concrete consequences. Basically, some products have higher chances to seduce the consumers when they can be tried, smelled and experienced in real life, which is probably the biggest limit of e-commerce.

Significant changes in the beauty industry: 

  • The perfume industry has seen its sales drop while the lockdown. Logical as you don’t need to perfume yourself for a Zoom meeting, right? 
  • The same goes for make-up. While in lockdown, make-up has been way less consumed and now that we have to wear a mask in our daily life, this phenomenon remains but in a very specific way:
    • As the mask is mandatory in many places, sales of lipsticks have dropped while mascara and eye shadows are on the rise as eyes are highlighted.
  • Skincare has overshadowed make-up during the lockdown which has been the perfect period to pamper yourself. 
  • People want to buy local. Consumers are more and more sensitive about the origin of what they buy. This is true in beauty as in many other industries. If this trend was true before Covid-19, the pandemic has accelerated this trend. 
  • Clean beauty is also positively impacted by this crisis as the consumers want more than ever to be reassured about what they consume and the health/environmental impacts of what they buy. Non toxic skincare products are going to be even more popular and that’s for the best!
  • Barrier gestures lead to a rise in sales for soaps and favoured the apparition of new products such as soap sheets to keep with you.

This list is of course non-exhaustive and the impacts of this pandemic are obviously even larger than that but still, it gives a pretty good idea of how tangible the impacts are. 

There probably will be a before and after Covid-19 in terms of how we consume and that goes for brands as well that have shown that they can adapt quickly while facing a complex situation. 

Better be ready for the changes to come!