The first time I went to a hammam was in Morocco. I remember my dear granny and her radiant skin. Every month, she was going to a hammam to exfoliate and rejuvenate her body and face. She often told how important it was to get a good scrub to get rid of the greyness due to dead skins and dust accumulating on the surface of the skin.

Imagine yourself surrounded by steam and a masseuse using a Kessa glove to free every inch of your skin of dead skin cells and particles. The contact of this glove is not smooth, for sure, it is a bit rough and burning. At this moment I was kind of scared, was she going to damage my skin? The answer was no, obviously. After this wonderful first experience with the Kessa glove, my skin was so smooth that I decided to buy one.

Originally made with goat hairs, most of Kessa gloves we can buy now are made of acrylic. You can also find some made from natural materials that are vegan – generally made of a mix of cotton and linen.

How does it work? It is pretty simple. The steam opens your pores, then you cover your body with black soap or ghassoul and you rub your skin with a wet Kessa glove. The effect is a small miracle. You can feel your skin so smooth, like baby skin. You feel deeply cleansed, body and mind, if I may. Thereafter, I usually scrub my face with honey and coconut sugar and, my secret is to use the Kessa glove very gently on my forehead, my nose and my lips. After this, I gently apply my highly effective Moonlight night cream by The Discovery Skincare, which amazingly completes the Kessa routine with its 10% of glycolic acid. If you are looking for non toxic skin care products, this one could be for you! Moonlight will accelerate the regeneration of my skin cells. As I removed each and every piece of dead skin and particles, my whole skin is absorbing all the benefits of my cream.

For my body, I usually use some shea butter and aloe vera with essential oils. This is my exfoliating night protocol once a week.

I am flying from greyness to radiant glow, and I like it! Everywhere I go, my Kessa glove is travelling with me, believe me!

On Monday morning, I enjoy beginning a new week with radiant skin thanks to my granny’s advice.