What is my skin type?

Having a hard time finding which products might help your skin or not? We’re here to give you a hand! You’ll find characteristics about different skin types as well as our products recommendations.

Combination Skin

  • Different areas
  • Products work partially
  • Mix of skin types

Sensitive Skin

  • Redness
  • Reacts a lot
  • doesn’t like new products

Mature Skin

  • Wrinkles
  • Loss of firmness
  • +50 yo

Normal Skin

  • Clear
  • Even tone
  • Easy to maintain

Dry Skin

  • Flakes
  • Sensitive to cold
  • Signs of age

Oily Skin

  • Shiny
  • Blemishes
  • Clogged pores

Main Characteristics –

That is one complicated (and very common) skin type. Combination skin is a mix of two or more different skin types. You can experience oily forehead and dry cheeks for instance. What we recommend first is for you to discover what those different skin types are. Then treat each area individually. You may need one product for a certain area and another product for a different area. You can also use products labelled for “every skin type”. That will definitely help you save time in your routine. 

Which Lumen Vitae products are efficient for combination skin? 

To be honest, it’s a pretty complicated question as combination skin type may need an infinity of needs and precautions.  But we will try to help you as much as we can. Do not hesitate to chat with us so that we can give you tailor-made advices!

  • Ray of Light: suitable for every skin type except the oily one. You can use Ray of Light in your evening routine, 1 night out of 2 with Moonlight if you want a very soft exfoliation, which can be more comfortable for sensitive skins. 
  • Radiant Glow: suitable for every skin type.
  • Moonlight: Suitable for every skin type but we recommend using it 1 night out of 2 with Ray of Light if you want an extra gentle exfoliation.
  • Primal Light: suitable for every skin type.

Main Characteristics –

Sensitive skin is subject to pretty inconvenient stuff: redness, scratching, burning, inflammation, breakouts, dry patches, and so on. 

Sensitive skin by definition is more likely to meet these annoyances than regular skin types. Sensitive skin needs extra gentleness in the way you treat it. Understanding, what you put on it and how you put it on. 

To avoid those unpleasant sensations we advise you to be extra gentle when applying skincare. Take your time and learn what you are sensitive to (because every skin is different). Avoid rubbing your skin too firmly and instead, gently tap it, with the tip of your fingers when you apply your routine. 

Which Lumen Vitae products are efficient for sensitive skin? 

  • Ray of Light: Filled with hydrating, soothing and protecting components, you can use it on sensitive skin and it might even help you calming your skin while experiencing unpleasant issues common to your skin type. 
  • Radiant Glow: If you are subject to redness, the pomegranate stem cells extract and Vitamin C in Radiant Glow will help you appease your skin.
  • Moonlight: We recommend you to alternate Moonlight with Ray of Light at night. Moonlight is a strong exfoliant but filled with powerful soothing and hydrating components to allow you to avoid unpleasant side effects commonly known about exfoliation (such as redness, inflammation, burning sensation, etc.).
  • Primal Light: Basically, Primal Light is a soothing and calming cocktail. It even creates an invisible, non-comedogenic barrier on your eye contour so that you’re shielded against external aggressions.

Main Characteristics –

Mature skin has high needs. It needs support without clogging pores or being too heavy. Main issues of mature skin are: wrinkles, lines, dark spots, uneven skin tone, loss of firmness and elasticity. You have to select skincare that will target your specific needs and issues. Then, create a routine and follow it every day. 

Just like any other skin type, we recommend you to take a great external and internal care of your skin and body. Use skincare that targets your specific issues and be consistent. Drink a lot of water and eat food rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is a must to take care of yourself in a holistic way. Everything good that you will do for you will show on your skin in the end.

Which Lumen Vitae products are efficient for mature skin? 

  • Ray of Light: Extremely rich in hydrating and moisturising components, Ray of Light will help you fight lines, wrinkles and regain firmness. Be generous when you use it!
  • Radiant Glow: Useful against dark spots and uneven skin tone. Your main concern may be fine lines but, achieving an even skin tone is essential if you want your skin to look its best.
  • Moonlight: Combined with Ray of Light, Moonlight will help your skin to look much better. By activating skin turn-over, it will accelerate the regeneration of your skin cells. Moonlight is definitely the most important cream for your skin type.
  • Primal Light: The look is the first part of your face that “tells” about your skin age. Treat your eye contour with Primal Light to help it fight lines and puffiness. We formulated Primal Light to be a global eye contour treatment.

Main Characteristics –

Well, normal skin is probably the luckiest of them all. Normal skin does not have any particular issue. So here is what we can advise: don’t change what you’re doing and keep good care of your skin to maintain it! 

Which Lumen Vitae products are efficient for normal skin? 

  • Ray of Light: Ray of Light will protect your skin against external aggressions and seal the hydration within your skin.
  • Radiant Glow: Enhance the natural light of your skin with Radiant Glow and protect it against sun free-radicals. 
  • Primal Light: The eye contour is the first area of the face to show signs of age. Take care of it before these signs start showing. Better safe than sorry!

Main Characteristics –

Dry skin can be caused by a lack of hydration or a lack of moisturising. First, you have to identify which one concern you. To be more precise, you can differentiate dehydrated skin (which lacks water) and dry skin (which lacks oil). But in both cases you might experience issues like redness, itching, dead skin, etc.

If you lack hydration, the first thing you need is simple: drink water! If you have a lack of oil, then try to eat every day a balanced ratio of lipids (through vegetable oils, avocado, nuts, etc.).

But in any case, in terms of skincare, we’re definitely able to help you as all of our products have hydrating and moisturising components.

Which Lumen Vitae products are efficient for dry skin? 

  • Ray of Light: Probably your best friend within our range. Ray of Light will hydrate, moisturise and balance your skin. If you have dry skin (lack of oil) your skin may experience an adaptation phase where your skin can become a little oily, but it will only last until your skin is balanced. On the contrary, if you have dehydrated skin, Ray of Light will immediately appease and calm your skin.
  • Radiant Glow: Radiant Glow will give you a powerful shot of hydration. It’s very light yet rich in powerful components.
  • Moonlight: If you have dead skin, Moonlight will help you get rid of it in a gentle way. If you feel that Moonlight is too strong for your skin, we suggest to alternate and use one night Moonlight and one night Ray of Light. 
  • Primal Light: Primal Light will soothe and calm your eye contour. It will protect it as well from external aggressions thanks to a transparent non-comedogenic shield (doesn’t clog pores).

Main Characteristics –

The main issue of oily is… being oily. By oil, we mean the excess of sebum. To fix an oily skin, you have to understand what causes the excess of sebum. Excess of sebum can be caused by many things: hormones, skincare, food, environment, genetics. 

It’s a hard one but you have to find the root of the problem if you want to fix it!

In terms of skincare, what we could advise is to focus on hydrating products and to avoid products with a too strong moisturising power.

Which Lumen Vitae products are efficient for oily skin? 

  • Radiant Glow: It’s a light, water-based serum and will hydrate your skin without being too heavy. Plus, if you have blemishes, Radiant Glow will help you get rid of them thanks to the combination of Vitamin C + Pomegranate Stem Cells extract.
  • Moonlight: Both hydrating and exfoliating with a pinch of moisturising components, it will help you restore the balance of your skin while getting rid of impurities that may clog your pores.
  • Primal Light: You may have an oily skin but it’s probably not the case of your eye contour! The eye contour is an excessively delicate area and you need to take great care of it.

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