We are all becoming much more aware of our planet and the things that we can do to help ensure that we treat it as well as we can. We recycle more, we are aware of our plastic usage and we try to find other ways to protect the planet. But what about our skincare?

The production, manufacturing and packaging of skincare can have an impact on the planet. However, it seems that it is not an area that we think about making a change within. Often, the reason for this is because we are concerned that natural skincare products are simply not going to work as well as their not so natural counterparts.

Here at The Discovery, we are a natural skincare brand and we know that our products can have a positive impact on our planet as well as your skin. So, to help you to make the switch to natural products, we have put together the top reasons that show why you should choose natural skincare.

Bioactive ingredients

We made sure to handpick each ingredient from our formulas in order for you to get the most benefits. Using powerful bioactive ingredients like Pomegranate stem cells or even Fagus Sylvatica buds to provide you with highly effective skincare, ethically sourced and results-oriented.

You want to aim for antioxidants

When looking for natural skincare products one thing that you are going to look for is antioxidants, they will help to replenish tired skin and give it back a youthful glow.

Don’t forget the anti-inflammatories too

Another key thing to look for in skincare products is anti-inflammatories. These can help with skin that is sore, irritated, dry or puffy and will help to reduce all the visible signs that your skin is in distress. Thankfully, much like antioxidants. Anti-inflammatories can and do occur naturally and are a popular addition to any organic skincare products.

Glass containers to save the sea

A healthy and respectful composition, from the cream to the container is what we are offering you. We thought about the consequences of our actions on the environment and local people from where our ingredients are harvested. We sourced our ingredients in a sustainable way and made the choice to favour clean materials such as glass, boxboard and bio-based plastic.

Natural ingredients… when they are the best alternative

Indeed, natural does not necessarily mean safe, healthy and better. In our philosophy, we would rather use natural components than artificial ones and we have an average of 88% of natural ingredients in our products.

However, when a component is safer, more stable and efficient in its artificial form, then we will obviously go for the latter.

We carefully selected each ingredient, checking different options to always pick the best alternative we could.

As you can see, natural skincare is not only kinder to your skin and to the environment but it does not mean artificial components are bad. The best is to clearly know what you put on your skin which is why we are giving you all the details you need to know our products!