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15mL – 0.5oz | Imagined in the UK, Made in France | Money Back Guarantee

Primal Light is a global eye contour treatment.

Thanks to the synergy of ingredients it is formulated with, it will stimulate in-depth collagen synthesis to smooth any fine lines in the eye area, in the long term.

Primal Light combats puffiness with Arnica Montana which soothes and relieves the eye contour.

Finally, the extracts of French Brown Algae will lift lines on the eye area by creating a natural non-comedogenic barrier. To give you an immediate healthy glow.

Suitable for every skin type.

Sensitive Skin: Basically, Primal Light is a soothing and calming cocktail. It even creates an invisible, non-comedogenic barrier on your eye contour so that you’re shielded against external aggressions.

Mature Skin: The look is the first part of your face that “tells” about your skin age. Treat your eye contour with Primal Light to help it fight lines and puffiness. We formulated Primal Light to be a global eye contour treatment.

Normal Skin: The eye contour is the first area of the face to show signs of age. Take care of it before these signs start showing. Better safe than sorry!

Dry Skin: Primal Light will soothe and calm your eye contour. It will protect it as well from external aggressions thanks to a transparent non-comedogenic shield (doesn’t clog pores).

Oily Skin: You may have oily skin but it’s probably not the case of your eye contour! The eye contour is an excessively delicate area and you need to take great care of it.

13 Bio-active Ingredients

  • Hydrating:
    • Hyaluronic Acid: Provides thorough hydration of the skin.
    • Alaria Esculenta: Protects against external aggressions. Hydrates immediately and in the long term by capturing water and urea within the epidermis and by stimulating the natural production of hyaluronic acid.
    • Oryza Sativa: Locks the hydration in the skin and gives a mattifying effect.
    • Aloe Vera: Rich in vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids, it deeply hydrates the skin for a soothing effect. We replace water with aloe vera gel to ensure the maximum benefits for your skin.
  • Lifting:
    • Acacia Senegal gum: A powerful natural lifting ingredient.
  • Soothing:
    • Centaurea cyanus water: Reduces blemishes, it will stimulate and enlighten your skin tone. Great for sensitive skins.
    • Lavandula angustifolia water: Astringent, it purifies and soothes the skin. Revitalizing, it reduces impurities.
  • Anti-ageing:
    • Hydrolyzed Collagen: Boosts fibroblast proliferation, favours the synthesis of collagen molecules of the dermis. Antioxidant properties, limiting the ageing effects.
    • Vitamin E: Antioxidant and anti-age.
  • Anti-dark circles:
    • Chlorella Vulgaris: Rich in protein and essential nutrients, it decreases the redness of vascular imperfections which lighten dark circles over the long term depending on the origin of your dark circles. 
  • Anti-puffiness:
    • Arnica Montana Extract: Combats puffiness and promotes soothed skin. A powerful anti-inflammatory, it will calm and appease your eye area.
  • Moisturising:
    • Shea Butter: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, it nourishes the skin, reinforces the hydrolipidic barrier and protects the elasticity of the skin.
    • Jojoba Oil: Non-greasy, it soothes and protects the skin.



Apply on clean, dry skin. Use a pea-sized drop on the eye contour, and apply it by softly tapping this area until full absorption with your ring finger.

Use Primal Light in your morning and evening routine.

Free From

Parabens, phenoxyethanol, endocrine disruptors, TEA/DEA, petrochemicals, silicones, sulphates, PEGs, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and colours.


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6 reviews for Primal Light – Eye Contour

  1. Kate Portsmouth (verified owner)

    OK so I’ve been using this product for a month. I’ve just been through a very busy period where I was getting a max of 5 hours sleep and was a bit dehydrated. I’ve been using every day and my under eye area does look smoother. Crepiness on upperlids has smoothed out. Not much difference on my dark circles though. I would recommend if you want to smooth your under eye area.

  2. Nelly Burgess (verified owner)

    I suffer from lots of fine lines under my eye and really thought it was a lost cause but it certainly made a difference to the crows feet around my eyes. Would purchase this eye cream again as I do think it has made a difference. I’ve now switched from kiehl’s avocado eye cream to this. Also, very neutral smell and no additives which is plus for me.

  3. Caroline Wylde (verified owner)

    I have been using this eye cream for about 3 weeks, and I’m absolutely hooked. I have very sensitive skin which means I often look for natural and vegan products.
    Daily use of this product literally does what it says, it makes my eyes feel fresher than ever. This treatment is so hydrating and actually really helped my puffy eyes. I will definitely be purchasing this again and have even got one of my friends hooked on it too!

  4. makeupmollie (verified owner)

    This eye treatment in my opinion is the best one I have used so far- i am now on the second one and I am loving it. It’s not only the adorable /luxury packaging , the ingredients are amazing! I am really enjoying this eye treatment and can definitely see a difference since using it.

  5. Huelya Akyuez (verified owner)

    Really sophisticated eye contour serum that nourishes the skin and gives it all it needs – especially for tired looking eyes that helps with looking fresher! You can feel how the serum works and irons out the wrinkles 🙂 Worth the money as you only apply a tiny little bit. Love the glass bottle, it really is something I have outside my bathroom cupboard not inside as it is so pretty 🙂

  6. Coralie Caliati (verified owner)

    Très bon produit avec une texture agréable qui pénètre bien dans la peau. La crème étant assez riche je ne l’utilise que le soir. J’ai la peau très sensible et cette crème semble lui convenir donc je recommande vivement !

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