Ray of Light – Regenerating Moisturiser

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50mL – 1.7oz | Imagined in the UK, Made in France | Money Back Guarantee

Ray of Light is a regenerating moisturiser formulated to hydrate, nourish and protect your skin.

Based on highly effective and natural ingredients, it will replenish your skin for the day.

The combination of Brown Algae and Hyaluronic Acid ensures thorough hydration.

Besides nourishing, the blend of Natural Oils, Shea Butter and Red Algae captures the water within the skin.

True 2 in 1, Algae combined with Hyaluronic Acid create an invisible and non-occlusive shield against external aggression.

Suitable for every skin type.

Sensitive Skin: Filled with hydrating, soothing and protecting components, you can use Ray of Light on sensitive skin and it might even help you calming your skin while experiencing unpleasant issues common to your skin type.

Mature Skin: Extremely rich in hydrating and moisturising components, Ray of Light will help you fight lines, wrinkles and regain firmness. Be generous when you use it!

Normal Skin: Ray of Light will protect your skin against external aggressions and seal the hydration within your skin.

Dry Skin: Probably your best friend within our range. Ray of Light will hydrate, moisturise and balance your skin. If you have dry skin (lack of oil) your skin may experience an adaptation phase where your skin can become a little oily, but it will only last until your skin is balanced. On the contrary, if you have dehydrated skin, Ray of Light will immediately appease and calm your skin.

Oily Skin: Ray of Light can help rebalance your skin but you will experience an adaptation phase where your skin will be oiler. Give it about a month before your sebum production starts rebalancing itself.

13 Bio-active Ingredients

  • Hydrating:
    • Fagus sylvatica: Flavonoids and phenolic acids, more than 17 amino acids, mineral salts. This responsibly sourced ingredient provides oxygen to skin cells to reinforce epidermal architecture.
    • Hyaluronic Acid: Provides deep hydration of the skin.
    • Sodium carrageenan: Boosts the effects of hyaluronic acid by maintaining a film on the surface of the skin. A long term effect on the hydration of the skin.
    • Chlorella Vulgaris: 3 Levels of hydration: immediate, cumulative and long term. This combination of algae is rich in minerals and amino acids.
    • Oryza Sativa: Locks the hydration in the skin and gives a mattifying effect.
    • Aloe Vera: Rich in vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids, it deeply hydrates the skin for a soothing effect. We replace water with aloe vera gel to ensure the maximum benefits for your skin.
  • Moisturising:
    • Jojoba Oil: Non-greasy, it soothes and protects the skin.
    • Sesame Oil: Rich in linoleic acid which is not synthesised by the body yet essential. It prevents dryness and promotes a good cohesion of skin cells.
    • Shea Butter: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, it nourishes the skin, reinforces the hydrolipidic barrier and protects the elasticity of the skin.
  • Anti-ageing / Anti-imperfections:
    • Geranium Bourbon essential oil: Promotes young and healthy-looking skin.
    • Hô Wood essential oil: Targets both imperfection and wrinkles.
    • Vitamin E: Antioxidant and anti-age.
  • Lifting:
    • Cyathea Cumingii: Natural skin-tightening ingredient with a biochemical lifting effect.



Apply every morning on clean, dry skin. Use it after your serum to capture its benefits. Avoid the eye contour area.

Free From

Parabens, phenoxyethanol, endocrine disruptors, TEA/DEA, petrochemicals, silicones, sulphates, PEGs, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and colours.

Vegan Friendly


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SKU: DAY-6658 Category:

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6 reviews for Ray of Light – Regenerating Moisturiser

  1. Gemma Booth (verified owner)

    I’ve heard good things about this one so I decided to try. I only used it twice and so far so good. Hopefully in the next month I’ll look 10 years younger. Give it a try people x

  2. Rachel Broome (verified owner)

    My go-to moisturiser, it contains hyaluronic acid which helps to moisturise and renew the skin. Was recommended to me & I luv this product 😃

  3. Jessica Price (verified owner)

    This is my every day face cream now! I still do get greasy skin about midday. However, my skin looks clearer and balanced. This cream is very gentle and quite pleasant.

  4. Amanda Marsh (verified owner)

    This is worth every penny. I’ve used this cream for about a month now, I have sensitive skin. The texture is absolutely amazing and the technique you use to apply this is so unique. I have since fallen in love with this creme it is so hydrating and smooth it leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing!!

  5. Nick (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this cream! I’ve been using it for a few months now and it is really rich, so I use only a tiny amount each time. I love that it comes in glass jars too, the packaging is brilliant! Top quality for the price you shouldn’t hesitate!

  6. Ewa Stepien (verified owner)

    Beautiful, luxurious jar. You can tell it is ‘made in France’. And made from glass, so same time as treating yourself you care about the planet. Nice scent, not too strong which I like. The cream has nice consistency, doesn’t leave a film, but same time skin is nourished and hydrated. I have really dry skin, so that is not an easy task. 😊 The only small minus: tried to use it after using serums of other makes and then it becomes too rich. Not tested on animals which is a must when you buy any cosmetics. Also, box includes applicator which I find very useful and not many makes offer that. Looks like makers have thought through every single detail. Very good product, will definitely buy it again.

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