Mind and body must not be dissociated, we all know this. Selfcare is necessary for everyone and these particular moments dedicated to pamper yourself should be pleasant and funny. Having a good skincare routine can be a relaxing way of showing love to yourself. Be that as it may, sometimes it could also appear really boring to do it over and over again. That’s why I chose to take care of my skin playing Animal crossing New Horizons.

My children and I love playing video games. They lately introduced me to Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. Basically, it’s a fairly cute game where you create your island and build friendly relationships with your adorable animal neighbours.

For unknown reasons, at first, the game appeared dull to me. But after 7 weeks of being repeatedly told that I really should try it, I eventually took the plunge!

Before getting into the heart of the matter, let me explain to you my beauty routine.

First, I rub my face with coconut sugar and honey to get a good exfoliation ending this process with my Kessa glove on the forehead and lips. Then, I gently remove this sticky paste with lukewarm water. My skin is yet ready to absorb all the benefits of my favourite stem cell placenta sheet mask. I noticed that keeping it for 1 to 2 hours on my face was the most effective way to nourish my skin.

However, laying down for a long time can be boring. And here comes Animal crossing New Horizons. While my skin is getting nourished, my mind is fulfilled by the pleasure of playing a relaxing and wholesome video game. Why Animal Crossing New Horizons rather than another video game? Lockdown times have been harsh for everybody, I needed a getaway. The gameplay takes place on a pristine and peaceful island which appears to me as a brilliant way to escape from the exhausting reality of the lockdown (especially as I live in the heart of a big city). Animal Crossing let me escape to an inclusive world without disease, full of kindness and beauty, a world where It’s refreshing to escape from time to time. As a huge beauty lover, I deeply enjoyed designing a Spa on my island.

I also love playing with my beloved children while I am pampering my skin. During this time the game is definitely a family business, if I may say. I never say no to a good book or tv show, but I’m so grateful that my kids introduced me to this game as we can spend time together even if we cannot meet at the moment. A video game is another relaxing way to indulge in your beauty routine whilst entertaining yourself.

When I’m done with my facial mask, I go on with my daily night routine with Primal light and Moonlight.

Using family made non toxic skin care products is a must in my opinion. We all need to pamper ourselves with what is best for our health. Furthermore, taking care of my skin and soul, sharing precious moments with myself or playing with my beloved children make me feel whole. Life really makes sense when you share what you like with your beloved ones but first and foremost when you are able to share a moment with yourself.