Food: Focus on nutrients

Usually, during summertime, we tend to eat more fruits and veggies than the rest of the year. But when the temperature starts to go down, it’s pretty common to look for richer food. Although it’s more than okay to allow yourself some treats and cheat meals from time to time, you need in the cold months more than ever a good shot of nutrients and vitamins. Check seasonal fruits and veggies such as apples, pears, grapes, carrots, cabbage, leek, butternut, etc. Nuts are also a great source of proteins and good fat. You are what you eat so even if it’s chilly, keep your diet balanced and try to enjoy different things regularly!

Body: stay active

Go out for a walk, nature is changing and it’s a great opportunity to move and wake up your body in a fun way. A healthy amount of physical activity will raise your natural energy level and is also a great way to keep your mind clear. You can enjoy your walk early, before the sun rises if you can and if you’re busy, just take 15 minutes after your lunch!

House: open your windows

It’s chilly, we know, but try to open your windows for ~15 minutes every day. It’s an easy way to renew and purify the air of your home. Opening the windows help you get rid of dust and impurities. You can open your windows before going to sleep then leave slightly open your bedroom window as well as the ones in the room where you spend most of your time. You’ll enjoy an energizing air in the morning.

Health: boost your body

During the cold months (and this year, maybe more than ever, because of the Covid 19) you can feel a little weak. A deficiency in certain nutrients can explain that but sometimes it’s just the bad weather + days getting slowly shorter every day. Whereas you lack vitamin c due to sun privation or any other nutrients, a balanced diet should keep you strong through the season. Although if you want to boost your body you can try that:

  • Mineral and trace elements can help you keep stable immunity defences. Find them in food supplements or in nuts, dry fruits, seafood and some enriched food.
  • Vitamin D is harder to synthesize naturally in these months in the UK, you can find vitamin D in fishes, egg yolk, and supplements of course.
  • Honey, propolis and pollen can help your immune system and they are delicious, especially with rooibos tea which is an African herbal tea reinforcing your immune system too!

Home: aromatherapy

Essential oils diffusion can help you maintain a clean and safe atmosphere in your home. Tea tree and eucalyptus will purify your home but you can also go for cocooning smells like cinnamon or orange to lift the mood.

Clothes: prepare your winter clothes

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing I love in winter it’s definitely the clothing! I love thick jumpers, comfy scarves and cute woolly hats. So, organize your winter clothes so that you’re prepared in case of an extra cold morning but do keep a few summer outfits to wear inside or if we get lucky with the weather!

Pamper yourself!

And finally, pamper yourself! Prepare hot beverages, buy a new plaid, find a nice book, put your favourite non toxic skincare products on and enjoy the cocooning season. There’s something quite relaxing about autumn even though it can be harsh. But who doesn’t love spending quality time in the bed while it’s raining outside, am I right!?

Enjoy the season beauties <3