2020 is definitely a pivot year for all of us. As we face new challenges, we can also take the opportunity to review our lifestyle and bring changes for a healthier, glowier look. No need to change everything at once, we wouldn’t encourage that, as it is for us the best way to discourage ourselves and to stop all of our resolutions. But being aware of them and bringing them into our lives one step at a time, can be a good way to progressively bring good reflexes into our day-to-day routines. Here are a few of them:

  • Understand your skin type

Understanding your skin type is important as it impacts the choice of skincare products that you should use. Doing so will bring you better results in the long run and avoid unwanted issues such as spots, clogged pores or dryness for example.

Sometimes it can be confusing to understand what skin type we have, as it reacts depending on various factors and might show certain signs at certain times. We all have our own skin type which is genetically determined but then, depending on what we eat, the climate we live in, the season, our physical activity and so much more, it may be impacted both positively or negatively. So, how to identify your actual skin type? You need to check when your face is clean and free from makeup or any skincare products. Wash your face and wait some time with your skin as it is. Then feel it and check your T-zone, you can refer to this page which gives you the typical characteristics of the different skin types, it should help you define to which category you can refer the most.

  • Start to double cleanse your face

Double cleansing is quite self-explanatory, but how does it work? By applying a fatty substance to your face, you will capture all the impurities and makeup present on your skin. Then with a cleanser and water, you will dissolve and get rid of this fatty substance as well as all the impurities captured in it. This quick extra step in your cleansing helps to remove all of the unwanted dust, pollen and more from your skin, without harming it. It is most of the time adopted by those who tried it.

How to double cleanse? You can use vegetable oil. No need to look for over-marketed products with complicated ingredients lists: coconut, jojoba, sweet almond or even olive oil, for example, are enough, it just needs to be a fatty substance. We don’t recommend micellar water as it can be too aggressive and may contain alcohol. You can gently massage your face with the vegetable oil, and then wash it with your cleanser. The cleanser will dissolve the fatty substance and take away all impurities and makeup. Then gently dry your skin by tapping with a clean towel or cotton, and that’s it!

  • Learn to decode the ingredients lists

We are with time more and more conscious of the praising techniques that marketing departments can use to sell us great results too fast and without any efforts. But it still can be hard to define which ingredients are good or bad for us. We try on this blog to inform you as much as we can on the ingredients we don’t want to use and why (you can have a look at our free-from list on our homepage for more details), or the ones we like and why.

There are also great options out there to check what ingredients your products contain and the impacts they can have on your skin and health. INCIdecoder for example, if you don’t already know it, is one of them, and it’s free to use, you should give it a try!

  • Wear SPF

As nice as it feels, sun exposure is also one of the main reasons for skin ageing. Some will think of our need for Vitamin D, but here is a fact: In the UK, 13 minutes of exposure around midday, 3 times per week during summer, is enough to produce enough Vitamin D to cover our needs. However, over-exposing to the sun is not good for our skin, and while tanning can be nice, did you know that it is a defence tool that our body uses to protect itself against DNA photodamage? The UV rays are not blocked by clouds and will provoke brown spots, skin discolouration, wrinkles, if not way worse diseases such as skin cancer. So if you like to feel the warmth of sun rays, please at least block UV rays with a good SPF.

There are great options available even really light ones in the form of powders, that you can just carry with you and apply when needed. Favour mineral filters as chemical UV filters are bad for your health and the environment.

  • Reduce plastic use

It is nothing new, plastic when not recycled ends up taking centuries to decompose in nature. It slowly releases plastic particles which end up in natural water reserves and will be consumed as it enters the food chain, and we’re part of the food chain! Also, did you know that silicones used in skincare (not in Lumen Vitae products though, we banned silicones), shampoos, and other soaps are responsible for 3% of all the plastic in the sea? Wildlife eats it thinking it’s food, and when we eat fish, well, we eat micro-plastics too, how can it be good?

This is why at Lumen Vitae we chose to use glass as much as possible, as it is sustainable, totally recyclable and will not leak any harmful substance in nature.

  • Eat healthily and sleep enough

For glowing skin, you need to take care of yourself in a holistic way, on the inside as well as the outside. Good quality of sleep and a varied alimentation helps your skin look healthier because it will get the time and the nutrients it needs to hydrate, regenerate and plump itself. Never forget that sleeping is healing.

2020 and the lockdown in place, you can take this opportunity to look at these points and bring change if you feel that it’s needed. It also has a positive impact on your energy levels and mood so it’s definitely worth a try!

We’ve covered both sleep and food subjects on our blog, read more to get valuable insights!

  • Stay hydrated and don’t abuse alcohol

Our body needs between 2 and 2,5 litres of water per day to function properly. A part of it will be taken from your food but you also need to drink enough aside to cover your needs. By hydrating yourself you will prevent dehydrated skin and other more problematic symptoms.

Alcohol on the other side has a dehydrating effect on your body, so keep it to a reasonable amount and at spaced enough periods. Alcohol also prevents your body from absorbing all the vitamins and nutrients you need, by perturbating your gut. Wine and beer can contain histamine, which can sensibilise people who usually suffer from allergies.

We hope that you enjoyed this non-exhaustive list of options you could think of during 2020. And if you have other ideas, feel free to share them with us in the comment section.

Take Care and stay safe!