It can be hard to keep doing your skincare diligently while travelling. With air companies restrictions in addition to a, usually, busy schedule while being away from home, you can feel overwhelmed and decide to skip your routine for a few days/weeks.
Here are a few tips to keep up with your skincare routine so that you can rock this glowing skin on your holiday pics!

● Hydrate your skin before and during your flight. The ventilation within the plane will dry out your skin so use a filmogenic product that will seal the hydration on the surface of your skin. And more than ever, use non toxic skincare products, in this harsh environment, you definitely don’t want to annoy your skin!
● Check the size rules allowed in terms of liquid and cosmetics by the air company you chose. If necessary, get travel-sized jars to store your products. Sterilize your travel jars before transferring products and pay attention to the kind of products you’re transferring (eg: if you use a vitamin c product, use a dark travel jar as light would damage the product).
● Prep your skin before you travel. If you’re travelling to a cold destination, add more hydrating and moisturising components in your routine a few days before your travel – once again, non toxic skincare products are a must!
● We recommend avoiding wearing makeup while travelling. The dry air of the plane combined with makeup won’t be too good. What you can do is to keep a few essentials with you to do a light makeup right after landing if you’d like!
● Finally, drink a lot of water. You’ll be offered many types of drinks on the plane, in particular alcohol, but alcohol and soda are definitely not your skin best friends, especially combined with the dry air of the flight. Help your skin stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Travelling puts our body and skin under a lot of pressure, so we hope those tips will help you keep your skin pampered to rock that healthy glow on your holiday picture!
Love yourself and take care of your skin guys.