Summer’s almost over and it’s already this “back to school” time of the year. Even though this summer was fairly … peculiar, we hope you still enjoyed it and that you found the time to reconnect with yourself. Now it’s time to get back to work and it’s not necessarily a bad thing at all! Quite the contrary actually, work is like fuel in our life, giving us strength, ambition and perspectives, but that really depends on you and your point of view. 

What we’re going to talk about today is how to maintain a healthy dynamic to make the most of your days. The routine we’re going to share is great for regular workdays but you can totally follow it if you’re on holiday and you want to maintain a strict schedule! The way we start the day defines the rest of the day, so having a healthy dynamic morning routine might be a pretty good idea. 

First of all, why a routine? For some of us, the routine can be a synonym of boredom or gloominess… The thing is, healthy life is well-balanced between the routine and the unexpected. You need both for a blooming lifestyle and the routine is kinda the easy part as you can choose how it goes. 

Now, let’s share with you our “start your day to be productive” routine.

1. Drink water

Rise and shine! You just woke up, your eyelids are heavy and you feel pretty comfy under the sheets… but you have to wake up, so don’t snooze, it’ll just get harder + snoozing is kind of hijacking your body so, don’t do that. First thing first, have a sip of water. You’ve been laying for about 7-8 hours and your digestive system is not totally awake, so help him by drinking water. Drinking water will also help flush toxins out of your body and will obviously hydrate you. It’s a great way to calmly wake up your body.

2. Yoga, sun salutation

Now that the inside of your body is reactivating from your night sleep, you can start waking it from the outside. The best way to do so is to move, your body is made of muscles and you need to use them. Instead of just moving randomly which would look weird, we recommend yoga! It’s a great way to focus your mind while stretching and reinforcing your body. The sun salutation pose known as Surya Namaskar is a great and easy way to start healthily your day. It’s also pretty quick so it’s perfect on weekdays. 

3. Morning skincare routine 

Time to pamper yourself! Do your morning routine, use fresh to lukewarm water to tone up your face. Clean thoroughly your skin, message it to activate blood circulation and then use preferably non toxic skincare products to bring nutrients and radiance to your skin. In a healthy and respectful way. Don’t forget that the best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin, so take care of it!

4. Great healthy breakfast

Finally, time to charge your batteries. Prepare a complete breakfast with proteins, lipids and carbs. Balance is always the key! Fresh fruits are a great source of vitamins and nutrients, it’s always a good time to enjoy a smoothie. Matcha is a great healthy alternative to coffee and will help you by getting energy all along the day. 

Also, take your time while having your breakfast, don’t turn on your smartphone yet, you’ll have plenty of time for that. 

5. Review your to do

It’s almost time to get down to business now but before that, start by reviewing your to-do for the day, adjust if necessary. Put down anything important to you so that you can keep track of what needs to be done and follow up on your ongoing projects. 

6. Get dressed

Then, time to put some clothes on. Dress to impress…yourself. Or at least dress to feel good because you deserve it. Enjoy your day gorgeous and never forget that you are perfect just the way you are and that you are exactly where you need to be. 

We hope this morning routine sounds appealing to you. If you follow it, you should see your energy on the raise while reducing your stress level which is all for the best, right? Share your routine with us!

Love <3