Since the beginning of the 2010s, Asian beauty has become more and more popular all over the world. J & K beauty has particularly impacted the way we consume beauties, they introduced us to extended beauty routines filled with products still unknown on our western market. 

As the weather gets colder day by day, some of us may start to feel our skin drier with a sensation of discomfort. This may be a sign that you need deeper hydration. Creating a skincare routine is, let’s admit it, exhausting, you have to try so many different products that when we find good ones for our skin, it may be more reasonable to stick to them. So, this is why we’re going to focus on essence and serum which can be easier to squeeze into your routine than changing your moisturizer. But what is the difference between a serum and essence? Answer here!


Do not mistake it with lotion or serum. Essence is somewhat in between these two, plus, you’re supposed to apply it after your lotion and before your serum so it’s normal if you got lost at first. 

Essence is essentially made of water with the goal to boost your hydration level. Essence is generally more concentrated than lotion but less potent than serum. The texture is usually very liquid and light as it’s mainly composed of water.

Essence is not an essential step in your skincare routine but if you’re suffering from a lack of hydration due to the weather or the environment, you can boost the hydrating power of your routine by adding essence into it. 

Essence can be fairly useful for dehydrated skin, to fill the need for water, as well as oily skin to hydrate them with a light product that won’t make them shine more than needed.


Generally much more concentrated and a little heavier than essence, serum targets specific issues (wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, blemishes, etc.). Today you can find serums to fight almost any cosmetic skin issues. The texture may be heavier than essence but it stays quite light and most likely aqueous-based, which will allow the serum to penetrate easily your skin which will efficiently help the bio-active components to do their job. You have to put a moisturizer on the top of your serum in order to lock it into your skin as it’s most likely water-based, you do not want it to evaporate which would also make you lose some of your natural hydration. 

Our pro tip about serum application is to lightly finger-press it into your skin to make sure your skin absorbs nutrients as much as it can.

Just like essence, it’s not a mandatory step. If you have normal skin you don’t really need it, as the bare minimum remains cleansing and moisturizing. 

As you can see, even if serum and essence do seem alike, they do work differently and can actually work wonders together. 

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