First things first, a vegan product does not contain any animal-derived ingredient or animal byproduct meaning it excludes beeswax, honey, keratin, collagen and more. 

Vegan products even stay away from ethically sourced animal byproducts and they tend to use either plant-based or synthetic ingredients. 

The “animal-derived” designation can be seen as quite harsh when it’s not in all cases. In fact, as the cosmetic chemist, Kelly Dobos said, a powerful moisturiser such as lanolin comes from washing the sheep’s wool, it does not hurt the sheep as their wool needs to be sheared so it does not get too heavy. Despite this, it is still a common avoided ingredient in vegan ranges.  

Vegan products do not necessarily mean better products, it promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The best we would recommend is to learn more about skin care ingredients used and how they are sourced. Some websites such as do the work for you and decode the ingredients list of skin care products.

What is The Vegetarian Society?

The Vegetarian Society is a charity association that runs schemes to licence the use of certifications.

One is to certify vegetarian products and the other one is to accredit vegan products.

Their mission is to inform people regarding vegetarianism and now veganism. 

The Vegetarian Society reviews brands and/or products very thoroughly and carefully in order to evaluate if products or brands fulfil the mandatory prerequisites to receive vegetarian and/or vegan certification.

By receiving this certification, it is proof that products have been approved by their standards. 

We are very proud to announce that Ray of Light, Regenerating Moisturiser, Radiant Glow, Illuminating Serum, Moonlight, Glycolic Acid Treatment have been certified vegan by The Vegetarian Society

We believe that vegan skin care is a promise for you to access ethical and socially responsible products whilst promoting a more sustainable future for our planet. The Discovery Skincare strives to help you reach your skin care goals in a healthy and responsible way, respecting your health and our environment.