Spring is here, flowers are blooming, and nature strives again. Although the landscape is lovely, for some of us, it marks the beginning of the worst season of the year: allergies season.

We all know the most common symptoms of spring allergies: runny nose, irritated/itchy eyes, sneezing/coughing. But there are symptoms that we don’t hear much about, such as skin rash, inhibition of collagen production, dry skin and clogged pores.

The reason why we don’t hear much about rash is that this symptom doesn’t affect every person that suffers from seasonal allergies. Nevertheless, it is extremely uncomfortable for those who endure it.

It’s even a possibility for the people victim of a seasonal rash to experience seasonal urticaria.

The inhibition of collagen can result in a loss of elasticity that makes your skin look slack.

So yes, pollen does affect your skin too, especially in Spring when there is a proliferation of pollen. However, pollen is also an interesting source of vitamins and nutrients for your skin. Integrated into your diet (in your food or as a food supplement), they will help your health as well as the general aspect of your skin and hair!

In this article, we will see how to prevent the negative effects of pollen on the skin and how to benefit from its powerful nutrients

Protect your skin from pollen –

If you are subject to seasonal rash, you probably already have a treatment so, please, keep taking it. But you can still try this general advice, it could make a difference! Even if you suffer from seasonal rash, this advice will protect your skin from seasonal dryness and/or loss of collagen and clogged pores.

Use skincare that provides a natural non-occlusive shield on your skin. The seasonal rash that we speak about can appear when the pollen makes contact with your skin. If you want to avoid an allergic skin reaction, avoid the contact.

Algae, wax or oil can help you reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier of your skin. Boosting your natural defences cannot harm you and may even make spring less of a pain for you.

We formulated our day cream Ray of Light to create a non-occlusive natural film on the skin, thanks to the algae action. This film protects your skin from external aggressions such as pollution, dust and pollen.

To remove it, you just have to wash your face as you usually do and you will even feel the film melting under your fingers!

In addition to protecting your skin from pollen, this natural film will also capture your hydration and maintain the hydrolipidic barrier, making your skin less subject to dryness/dehydration.

To prevent collagen inhibition, Vitamin C is a powerful ally. By scavenging free radicals it shields your collagen production against the inhibiting effects of pollen. Lucky for you, Radiant Glow is a Vitamin C serum and gives your skin a boost to stimulate your fibroblasts and thus your collagen production!

Finally, as pollen is an air pollutant, it may clog your pores, just like dust would do. To unclog your pore in a gentle way, you’ve got two things to do: clean your skin thoroughly, double cleansing is best. Then, exfoliate! Mechanically or chemically, it’s up to you but we actually recommend both. From our range of  non toxic skin care products you can use every evening Moonlight, our night exfoliating treatment is formulated with 10% of Glycolic Acid which is a powerful action to get rid of anything stuck on your skin. Once a week, try a smooth scrub made with coffee grounds or sugar + oil/honey.

Warning point: There can be histamine in certain alcohols (wine and beer for example). Consuming these while you have allergic reactions can make it worse.

The Benefits of Pollen

Pollen has various interesting benefits. On health first, pollen protects from infections and will boost your immune defences. Pollen has also energizing effects and works as well against physical fatigue as the intellectual one. Pollen is also known to have a mood-enhancing effect, which is a good thing if you need to raise your spirit.

Aside from that, a study has shown that pollen might have anti-inflammatory effects and support the natural functions of the livers. Those two points are great for your general health of course, but they are also pretty important for the aspect of your skin as anti-inflammatory will reduce blemishes and appease your skin and supporting your liver means to detoxify your body and therefore, your skin too!

Pollen is rich in anti-ageing nutrients. It is full of Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B12, C, D, E & K), minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc.)  and antioxidants that will slow the process of ageing. Especially Vitamin E that you will also find in every product of The Discovery Skincare range. Vitamin E combats lines, dark spots and scars.

Bee pollen will also boost blood circulation. Better blood circulation means faster healing, as blood will bring oxygen and nutrient to your skin!

But that’s not all, pollen is also an interesting revitalizing component for hair. It will make your hair stronger and thicker.

You can even create DIY masks at home with pollen. Try mixing it with honey for a relaxing mask, with egg yolk for a moisturizing mask or egg white and lemon for a purifying mask!