The power of day cream

When you think of a skincare routine, chances are that you think about the evening, before you head off to bed. Many of us make sure that we cleanse, tone and of course moisturise before we hit the sack. But less of us focus on our skin care when we wake up.

In fact, many people will simply wash their face and go. Of course, this can be good enough. However, if you are finding that your skin is looking less than perfect, then you might want to ramp up your morning skin care routine, especially by adding the all-important day cream step.

What is day cream?

A day cream, is, as the name suggests, a cream that is designed to be used in the daytime, usually before make-up is applied. Whilst a night cream is there to help your skin to regenerate and repair itself as you sleep, a day cream is going to protect your skin and stop it from becoming damaged during the day. It can come with a sun protection element as well as creating a barrier against the pollutants that are going to be trying to make their way into your skin during the day.

Why should I be using it?

As you learn more about day cream it becomes all the more obvious why it is a good idea to try and use it on a daily basis.

The first thing about day cream is that is going to offer hydration to your skin throughout the day. Life can dry out your skin from stress, not drinking enough and also air-conditioning. So, if you have applied a cream that is going to counteract these factors, then your skin will feel much better.

Day cream is also a protective barrier for your skin. It is often enriched with ingredients that will help to stop free radicals (harmful agents that are found throughout everyday life) from causing any damage to your skin.

Another great thing about day cream is that it can help your skin to be prepared for applying make-up. This will ensure that your make-up goes on smoothly and that it is going to last throughout the day too. Both important considerations when you wear make-up.

Day cream can come in a variety of forms and if you prefer all-natural then this is definitely something that you can find. Natural day creams are powerful, but they do not contain anything harmful and they are much kinder to your skin. Keeping your skin protected all day, the all-natural way!