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“This is the day cream, it is rich, moisturizing and nourishing 💕 It smells just very subtly like a herbal cream and it has been one of my favorites from their line .”
“This cream is on the thicker side, spreads easily, and doesn’t leave me oily or dry. I love adding a few drops of a face oil when I need extra hydration. I do appreciate the glycolic acid in a cream because I simply love this ingredient! Remember to always use sunscreen the next day because of the acid.☀️”
“All things considered, this night cream is a role model for proving that rich ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil aren’t just for very dry skin – in the right quantities they can help all achieve healthy-glowing skin without clogging pores, or causing irritation.”
“An extremely effective night cream with powerful Glycolic Acid. […] t’s a pretty rich cream but definitely not oily. It sinks into my skin very well & in the morning I actually experience a smoother skin tone and a hydrated skin.”
“The texture of the product is so interesting, not at all what I am used to, but I like it. It’s very gentle, a bit creamy and the least greasy serum I have ever used. My boyfriend really likes it as well haha.”
Anna Marija
Anna Marija@Annibunny_crueltyfree
“It has a super light texture and you really need very little to feel an effect. My skin felt instantly tightened. A small drop is enough otherwise you have a slight velvet effect.”
“My skin was most definitely glowy post use. The vitamin c is not harsh as it sometimes can be, perhaps the hydrating HA and shea butter balance it out. […] My eyes seemed less tired after using this for a few weeks. I wouldn’t say improvements were drastic, but any improvement is a thumbs up from me.”
“My skin doesn’t feel greasy after using the cream and works well for my dry and sensitive skin. It has not caused any breakouts and I love the spoon that comes with the product. For now, I cannot think of anything I do not like about this product.”
“So creamy, soft and delicious 😍 This product has been the reason for my super soft skin recently and I’m living for it! Trust me, I know 😅 Applying this as well has been a dream, feels like velvet and glides on the skin like silk. It’s even gentle and actually soothing for my skin too! I honestly can’t get enough of it! ✨ .”

“✨ A lovely comforting cream consistency with quick absorption.

✨ The clever, carefully and ethical selected ingredients make this a super high-quality product and brand with great effectiveness.”

“yay! They’re great! Radiant Glow and Moonlight are my favs so far but I like them all. 🧔💙”

“Texture is gorgeous and blends really well on the skin […] No irritation what so ever with this product, it actually feels like it’s calming my skin down 😍”

“This serum is so beautiful! It’s made for all skin types and I love that it’s so great for even the most sensitive skin types like mine. My skin feels that it’s been recharged with radiance and instant vibrance, leaving my complexion looking brighter and nurtured 💕⁣”
“✨This product is not only hydrating and nourishing but also super soothing. It never irritates only makes my skin look healthy, glowy and happy. Its scent is quite subtle and reminds me of the cream my mother used to use when I was a child.”
“I have been really enjoying this full range and the most of them I loved the eye cream that actually really helped with my dark circles 🌟”
“This cream is deeply nourishing and hydrating which bodes well for my dry skin! The formula didn’t feel too thick or harsh on my skin and I loved the overall feel of it – so smooth and not greasy at all. “
“I highly recommend and love this serum. 1-2 pumps cover my whole face and neck. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all and gives me the same results as pure LAA serums: super soft, smooth and glowy skin (and hopefully delayed aging).”
“I am left speechless at how well these products have worked for me over my testing period, the consistency of the radiant glow serum is perfect for daytime use, […] moonlight is legit the bomb, and is gentle enough to be used daily (although do be careful with it if you’re new to AHA’s).”
“Maybe it’s my imagination- but I do see that my eye area is much more hydrated than without using it. The texture is gentle &soft.”
“Since using this serum my skin tone is gradually becoming even all over my face, including minimisation of the prominent redness of said imperfection. I’m so pleased with the results so far that I wouldn’t dare forget to apply it each morning. I recommend this to those who have dark undereye eye circles, darkened/red skin around the nostrils or generally have minor~moderate uneven skin tone.”
“As you probably can tell, this serum has become one of my favorites 🤩 My skin feels hydrated and clear, with added luster and a more even skin tone. I can highly recommend this serum.”
“I have used these moisturisers consistently in the past few weeks and I do think they helped calm down a terrible breakout, moisturised my skin very well and haven’t irritated my skin or eyes. I don’t have many wrinkles so I can’t speak for that. I also love rich and creamy textures, and these will be great for autumn and winter.”
“Now I can really enjoy this serum, it brightens the skin and so far lives up to its name! I’m so glad I’ve finally got it to work for me. Just goes to show sometimes it’s worth persevering!😄”