Getting a natural, healthy glow can seem unattainable but believe us, it is not! 

Of course, a natural glow takes time but we’ll give you a few tips that can really help you out.

The first step is to thoroughly clean your skin every day at least once a day but twice a day is the best! 

Cleaning your skin will help you remove any dust, clean your pores to leave your skin clear. Plus, washing your face allows you to give yourself a personal face massage for better lymphatic drainage and therefore, better blood circulation and avoiding puffiness. Pro tip: for your evening routine, begin with a gentle face massage with natural oil (sweet almond, jojoba… Do not use essential oil for that) to capture all the impurities that accumulated on your skin during the day, then use your cleanser! It is a huge game-changer.

The second step would be effective hydration, your skin is sensitive so you need to take good care of it by hydrating it. 

Thanks to the combo of non-toxic skincare products such as Radiant Glow, illuminating serum, and Ray of Light, regenerating moisturiser. The Vitamin C (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid) from Radiant Glow will enlighten your skin by smoothing any fine lines and removing blemishes while Ray of Light will nourish, hydrate and protect your skin and overall, capture Radiant Glow’s benefits.

The third step is regular exfoliation. Dead skins accumulated on the skin prevent your skin from glowing healthily and, therefore, allowing pimples, blackheads, and disrupting your skin turnover, which can cause premature ageing of the skin.
Moonlight, Glycolic Acid Treatment, will provide you with a chemical exfoliation every night and gently work on your skin overnight with its 10% of glycolic acid! 

Last but not least, putting on makeup every day is one of our favourite things but do not forget to remove it properly to relieve your skin after a long day. 

We recommend using any natural oil like Coconut oil or Jojoba oil, the choice is yours to make! Natural oil will capture any dust and particles on your skin properly to avoid clogged pores and thanks to your cleanser, you’ll get rid of them in a wash! 

By following those easy steps, you’re to get a good start for a healthy glow. 

Credits: Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels