You’ve probably heard about Squalane since it’s been commonly used in skin care products for a while now. 

Squalane is basically mimicking our skin’s natural oils, it’s different from squalene (yes, with an “e”). Squalene is a lipid produced by our very own skin cells, however, the amount produced in our bodies declines with age. Squalene is naturally present in humans, animals and plants such as olives or sugarcanes. 

Before using it in skin care products, squalene needs to be hydrogenated into squalane which is basically a stable form of squalene. 

Squalane is frequently used in moisturiser and is botanically sourced in most non toxic skin care products. It gives the skin the right hydration it needs, a lifesaver for dry skin. 

Apart from boosting hydration, squalane also contains antioxidants fighting against skin damages and free radicals. According to researches, it’s been proved squalane is a detoxifier for your skin and it can also boost collagen production for firm skin.

It’s important to note, squalane is a 100% safe ingredient for acne-prone skin, we could even say it’s a match for all skin types. Even for oily skin types, squalane is a great alternative since it’s non-comedogenic and light on your skin.

The Discovery’s serum, Radiant Glow, contains squalane in order to maintain your skin hydration and support the skin’s moisture barrier and it’s botanically sourced. 

Although squalane has tremendous benefits for the skin, it can work wonders on hair too. 

Squalane oil is perfect to prevent breakage, it increases your hair shine and protects it from damages. Keep your hair hydrated, healthy and vibrant at all costs. 

A few drops of squalane oil into your palm are enough, massage hair into your hair to boost moisture then rinse in the shower. 

Be kind to our planet and its inhabitants and only buy non toxic skin care products with plant-based squalane.