Origins & Science

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant of the Aloeaceae family. It’s been used since antiquity and even if the plant has been found in different regions of the world, such as India, Nepal and Thailand, scientists agreed to say that it’s most probably originating from the Arabian Peninsula.

It is quite a small plant (up to 39in or 100cm tall), an evergreen perennial plant growing in dry environments, with thick green leaves where water is stored. The plant contains 75 active components, including 20 minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium & zinc, 20 amino acids such as Arginine, Histidine & Methionine and 12 vitamins such as vitamin A, E, C, vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. The plant has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The content of the leaf appears as a clear gel after extraction (for example by centrifugation & filtering).

Benefits for your skin & How to use

Aloe Vera is marketed as a good solution to stimulate collagen production for the skin, to calm sunburns, to help wound healing and as an anti-ageing option. However, there is little scientific evidence of these advantages.

What we’re sure of, is that Aloe Vera is a better skin hydration solution than just water. Thanks to its properties, the gel will not evaporate as fast as water and will bring hydration to the skin throughout the day. It makes an excellent base ingredient to our formulations. 

The plant extract (in the form of a gel) can be applied directly to the skin, or mixed with other ingredients prior to application. The pulp can be eaten as is or mixed with yoghurts or drinks.

Interesting facts

  • Water is the principal element of the leaf and represents +98% of its weight
  • Aloe Vera’s extract contains 75 components including vitamins, minerals & amino acids…
  • Some wild species have been known to survive for 100 years
  • There are approximately 250 to 300 species of Aloe Vera in the world but Aloe Barbadensis Miller is one of the most common species cultivated today.
  • Cleopatra was apparently using Aloe Vera in her daily beauty routine, it probably contributed to making this fascinating gel so famous!

The Discovery’s use of Aloe Vera

At The Discovery, we sourced an organic, sustainable Aloe Vera leaf extract. It means that we’re sure of what we have (or don’t have, such as pesticides…), and we know that our extract didn’t come at the price of over-cultivation. Our aloe vera is collected by 2 or 3 leaves maximum from each plant, so they can continue to grow even after harvesting.

3 out of our 4 products are Aloe Vera Based, Ray of Light, Moonlight and Primal Light, have a look at these and feel free to chat with us or email us and we’ll be more than happy to help!