We all experienced it. Summer comes, we go sunbathing and, if you haven’t overexposed, your skin somewhat seems cleaner. And we won’t lie, that feeling is pretty great: you get better results with the sun than what you can expect from your skincare routine! What’s not to like, right!? Well, we most likely all know the answer, these incredible results tend to not last for long. Let’s focus on this phenomenon.

After sun exposure, skin can sometimes look better thanks to the augmentation of the production of melanin (the body’s natural UV defence mechanism) allowing you to get a beautiful tan. This tan does not only make the appearance of spots less visible but also gives a gorgeous radiant glow to your skin. However, blemishes are still here.

What’s more, while the sun might dry out the skin and temporarily reduce sebum production, sunlight can cause dryness and dehydration, which will lead your skin to produce more sebum and thus more breakouts.

According to dermatologists, this myth exists because, in the first few days after sun exposure, pimples and blemishes dry out and disappear. However, the effects are short-term. After sun exposure the top layer of the skin called the epidermis is thickened, and sebum production slows down. But then the skin produces more sebum in dry conditions, leading to breakouts.

As we mentioned earlier, the great effects of sun exposure on our skin are temporary and do not last long. As soon as you stop exposing yourself to sunlight (which is, by the way, extremely damaging in terms of skin age and health), you’ll most likely get the issues that your skin previously had. 

So, even if you think that the sun might be good for your skin, it definitely won’t in the long run. Keep your skin protected, a combo of vitamin C + sun protection does much more good to your skin! As we always say, focus on non-toxic skincare products with high-quality ingredients. You want the best for your skin, especially in summer which could be the least skin-friendly season of them all. 

In addition to non-toxic skincare products, don’t forget to not overexpose, stay in the shade, drink a lot of water and be particularly aware of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm. 

Enjoy the rest of summer safely guys!