What is mineral oil?

Mineral oil is a pretty peculiar kind of oil. First, it has nothing to do with edible vegetable oils or mineral water. In fact, mineral oil is a distillate of petroleum. It’s the result of a petrochemical process… Yes, petroleum, just like the one you use to fill her up, you know? And you should know that it is a fairly common component in the beauty industry.

Use in cosmetics.

100% artificial, mineral oil gives a smooth aspect to the skin, by providing an illusion of hydration. Here’s how it works: it will create an invisible occlusive film on the skin and will prevent it from losing hydration. As soon as you stop using it, the hydrating sensation stops too, so there’s only an immediate effect. With mineral oil, the skin seems softer but it really is “makeup” as this effect will stop after you washed your face.

Mineral oil doesn’t bring any nutrient to the skin (fatty acids, vitamins, etc.) thus it won’t allow your skin to balance itself through time like a natural component would do. We say it’s a “makeup ” component because just like lipstick, for instance, you have a nice effect when you apply it, but you won’t keep your lips coloured forever! When you apply skincare, you should aim for true benefits in the immediate and long terms.


By creating an occlusive film on the skin, it tends, with time, to clog the pores which will lead to blemishes, blackheads and so on.

Mineral oil is not toxic for you but it is extremely harmful to the environment. That’s why most organic labels won’t allow it. From the production to the emission, mineral oil has disastrous impacts – as a non-biodegradable component, once washed, it will pollute the ocean just like any plastic does.

So…why is it used?

Easy one: price and stability. It’s a cheap component so it fills the bottle easily while providing you with an illusion of hydration. Plus it’s very stable and well-known so it’s pretty easy to implement it in a formula.

List of petrochemical(non-exhaustive):

  • PEG
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Polyoxyethylene
  • Paraffin
  • Mineral oil
  • Petroleum
  • Petrolatum
  • Vaseline

The Discovery Skincare banned mineral oil

Because we wanted to be non-toxic as a brand, we decided to ban mineral oil – not that mineral oil is toxic for us, but it is for the environment. We believe in real skincare treatments and we want to improve your skin in an efficient, natural way. Getting naturally glowing skin can be hard and may take time for some of us. But don’t forget that if you want real healthy skin, you have to use efficient skincare (plus, have a healthy lifestyle, of course!) and non toxic skin care products will definitely help you achieve that goal. There’s nothing wrong with makeup but we think that you have to know the difference between components that helps your skin to balance itself and components that give an illusion of whatsoever.