Colours and fragrances are additives used in cosmetics (and the food industry) to make the product more appealing or, in the case of make-up and perfumes, to give you a certain shade of colour or a particular fragrance.

Here, we won’t talk about make-up and perfumes as the reason to use these products are obvious. It can be less obvious for your skincare products though!

Colours and fragrance are most of the time totally useless in terms of results on the skin. They won’t help or fix anything. They’re just used to make your product more insta-worthy or have a nice scent.

Perfumes can even be used in products without any particular smell. In this case, perfumes will be used to cover the scent of a certain component. And that’s the same for colours, it can be used to adjust the colour or the opacity of the product.

Colours and fragrances are used in most cosmetic products.


First, perfumes/colours in cosmetics can cause irritation and allergies which make them enemies of sensitive skins. The thing is, even if it didn’t cause an allergy at first, it can trigger one later. And that even if you have used this product for a long time, just like any other allergens.

But that’s not all, a lot of artificial perfumes are derived from petrochemistry. In general, a product contains an average of 14 different fragrances with some of them known as allergens or endocrine disruptors. A lot of artificial perfumes haven’t been tested for cosmetic products, but are still allowed even though they are known to have hazardous effects on the human body or can even accumulate within it.

As you can see, the question of perfumes in cosmetics is pretty opaque. Furthermore, as if it wasn’t enough troubling already, cosmetics laws allow brands to hide the perfumes used under “Perfume” so you can’t know exactly what products are used in the products you buy.

The Discovery banned artificial colours and perfumes

We decided to ban artificial colours and perfumes for one reason: we don’t want our products to look or feel nice, we focus on efficiency. The big plus, our products have a nice subtle smell and they are all white – beige naturally. Maybe if the products came out with a yucky colour and with a disgusting smell we would have thought about it but luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Essential oils are considered fragrances by cosmetic standards even though they do have amazing properties on the skin. That’s why we cannot say that The Discovery products are free-from perfume. We use Hô Wood, Geranium and Lavender essential oils in Ray of Light day cream and Moonlight night cream. Hô Wood has wonderful properties to fight against skin-ageing as well as blemishes, Geranium and Lavender essential oil appease and stimulate the natural healing of the skin.

Yes, all of them do smell wonderful but that is not why we decided to use them, the delicious smell is definitely just a pleasant bonus!

In any case, we can affirm that we do not use any artificial fragrances and we do not use any colours (natural or artificial) at all because the aspect of skincare is, in our opinion, not what matters.