You probably heard about it a lot already – and even more nowadays – but touching your face should be avoided. It’s a basic gesture and we do it without thinking most of the time. Although, this simple action can lead to annoying health and cosmetic issues, especially when, on average, you touch your face 23 times an hour or 368 times a day. That’s a lot, yes. So, precisely, why should you avoid touching your face?

Germs, bacterias and other nice things

Don’t take it badly, don’t be mad but… our hands are covered with bacterias and germs and that’s normal. It’s an ecosystem and there are good and bad bacterias for us. The thing is, even if you wash your hands one million times a day (please don’t), some germs will remain on your fingers and under your nails, especially long ones. Every time you grab your phone, you type on your computer, you touch a door handle or a switch, you expose your hands to germs. Therefore, if you happen to touch your face, there’s no surprise, you transfer some of those germs to your face which is a great thing if you want to get spots and blemishes.

Plus, touching your face stimulates sebaceous glands which leads them to produce more sebum than necessary and thus, making your skin look oily and favouring the appearance of blemishes. 

And one last thing: COVID-19. The virus stays alive many days on plastic and metal, so if you adjust your glasses before washing your hands, you’re exposing yourself to potential contamination.

Do not ruin your make-up!

Whether you’re going for a natural or very sophisticated make-up look, it does take time and you don’t want to ruin your face. It happened to all of us, you’re wearing make-up and your eye suddenly feels itchy and then, before you even realised it, you’ve got panda eyes. That’s true for foundation too when you touch your face with foundation on, you leave weird spots that don’t perfectly match the rest of your face. So if you’re wearing make-up, keep your hands far from your face!

How to stop? 

  • First, try to watch your face and to understand when and why you touch your face. Then, step by step, try to avoid touching it even when you want to. You can also regularly clean your keyboard, mouse, smartphone, light switches, door handles and so on so that you limit the transfer of germs on your face. 
  • We touch our face to reassure ourselves when we’re anxious so stress management can help you avoid touching your face uselessly. Breathing exercising, meditation and general self-care can help you relieving stress and thus.
  • You can also try to keep your hands busy. Here’s a little exercise: switch the action of touching your face with something else, touching the back of your head instead!

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